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VisualizeR 2000: Networked, Collaborative Environment for VR-Multimedia Synthesis?



Anatomic VisualizeR

Project goals: (before there was code…)

Today: a Complete Implementation

VisualizeR Features

VisualizeR Strengths

Visualizer Weaknesses

Evaluating VisualizeR’s User Interface

Current VisualizeR Platform

Current VisualizeR Graphics

Current VisualizeR Protocols

Current VisualizeR Performance

Current VisualizeR I/O Devices

Usability: Glove Gesture Commands

Usability: Status Indicators

VisualizeR Internals (how things work...)

VisualizeR SW Architecture

Dynamic Application Config

External Files (Independent of App)

Device Drivers

Application Organization

Ideas for Enhancing VisualizeR

1: Port VisualizeR to Linux or NT

2. Convert OpenInventor to Java3D

3. Partition App and Distribute Tasks

4. Enable Multi-User Collaboration

5. Enable Dynamic Interactions


In Closing: A Collaborative Analogy (symphonic score excerpted from Rachmaninoff’s 1st Piano Concerto)


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