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Path and Round Trip Time Measurements
June 1998

1. project focus

2. why a large scale measurement?

3. why not one-way trip time measurements?

4. path data

5. path data (cont'd)

6. initial observations

7. initial observations (hop distance distribution)

8. initial observations (frequency of IP addresses in paths)

9. initial observations (visible outdegree)

10. scope of CAIDA measurements (12 mo projection)

11. architecture

12. IT Challenges

13. measurement methodology

14. data visualization

15. data visualization (RTT time series)

16. data visualization (RTT candle plots)

17. data visualization (real-time display)

18. more on Ciscos as RTT targets

19. Cisco with prefix cache

20. a second Cisco with prefix cache

21. a third Cisco with prefix cache

22. Cisco running CEF

23. further RTT visualizations

24. data visualization (path RTT candle plots)

25. data visualization (path RTT candle plots)

26. next steps

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