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Top applications (bytes) for subinterface 0[0]: SD-NAP traffic
We analyzed traces collected at the SD-NAP interface at UCSD, period from 03/14/01 through 03/13/02.
The San Diego Network Access Point (SD-NAP), established in February of 1998, is a neutral network traffic exchange facility that is intended to provide a location for local data network service providers to exchange Internet traffic. It is hosted by the CAIDA at SDSC. Further details can be found on the CAIDA website.

This data provides total number of bytes segregated by application grouping. Recent traffic that can be classified by application is dominated by peer-to-peer file sharing applications (EDONKEY, Gnutella) and WWW protocols.

We also provide a number of detailed statistical analyses for specific network traffic data. in bytes, packets or flows.
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one hours_top_n_app_bytes_1.gif
one days_top_n_app_bytes_24.gif
one weeks_top_n_app_bytes_168.gif
one months_top_n_app_bytes_672.gif
one years_top_n_app_bytes_8760.gif
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