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NeTraMet Data Rates and Short-term Peaks Viewed by Weeks


This project illustrates measurement of data rates by week and considers whether peaks in the results reveal either short-term or longer-term trends.

NeTraMet Ruleset

Note the use of New Attributes ToBitRate and FromBitRate, which allow collection of data rate distributions in bits per second for particular traffic flows. The interval used to measure the rate must be specified. This ruleset uses an interval of 10 seconds, allowing collection of distributions at five-minute intervals. Each of the 5-minute distributions therefore contains 30 measured data-rate values.


The following plots resulted using the ruleset above. Plots show ToBitrate and FromBitRate distributions for a single flow corresponding to the total data rate in each direction on the SDSC link. The distributions use 48 bins with values ranging linearly from 1 to 24 Mbps.

Three plots appear on each weekly graph. They show the three quartiles for each 5-minute interval, with the lower quartile in green, median in blue and upper quartile in red.

The SDSC link was down (complete loss of connectivity) Tue 06 Jun from 0440 - 0855.

The NeTraMet meter was down for software improvements on three occasions: 1) Mon 12 Jun, 1025-1120, 2) Sun 18 Jun, 1750-1950, and 3) Wed 21 Jun, 0410-1010.

Data Rates To and From UCSD Cerfnet
(Click thumbnails to see full-size graph)
Week 1
Sat 3Jun00 - Fri 9Jun00UCSD normal week
A normal week, with a steady 10Mbps of outbound traffic and clear diurnal variation in inbound. Oddly, the busiest times are from midnight to about 0400 each day.
Week 2
Sat 10Jun00 - Fri 16Jun00UCSD finals week
UCSD finals week. No change to outbound traffic, steady fall in inbound traffic from about Monday 12 June, with a sharp drop around midday Friday 16 June.
Week 3
Sat 17Jun00 - Fri 24Jun00UCSD summer break
First week of UCSD summer break. Traffic fell through the weekend, and both inbound and outbound traffic stayed low (around 7 Mbps) throughout the week.

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