Monstrous Maps
Huuuuuge Images of the Topology Maps

The ambience was ecstatic and every one was happily hovering around this neat new gadget that we had just got. Well it was called printer but no way did it look like one. Probably all the printers that can print on papers wider than *3ft* tend not to look like conventional printers. Any ways, the new toy for elves was put in the bin (elf.bin), the ink was loaded, the ehernet jasked in, and "lpr ..." typed on the prompt....... now the only thing that was missing was the name of large PS file to go in with the lpr command. The experiments that followed in the next couple of days not only stretched the limit of Java on Free BSD to 100X of what was possible but also produced some monster images. Following table lists a few of them.

List of available experimental large size maps
Title Size Format Comment
MBGP-Without-Domain XL ps The entire MBGP topology at AS level granularity
MBGP-With-Domain XL ps The entire MBGP topology at domain level granularity
vBNS L ps MBGP topology of vBNS

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