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Internet Measurement Tool Taxonomy
This tool taxonomy provides a preliminary overview of Internet and TCP/IP performance measurement tools and efforts. We categorize tools used to measure the Internet as well as general TCP/IP performance tools. We will update the information here as we receive/review updates on tools and activities. If you are aware of any tools that are missing from this listing or would like to share your experiences with any of these tools, please contact us at info @
This CAIDA effort is supported
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How to use the taxonomy

This table is split into two halves. The first half is a traditional table of tools, designed to be easy to browse in its entirety. The second half is a tool summary, with more information on each tool. If you think you might be interested in that tool, click on the name on the table, and that will bring you to the summary of that tool. The summary includes a pointer to a URL about the tool in question - a web page if available, or a pointer to the tool itself if not. Ultimately, this table proper only provides summaries and brief reviews, and provides pointers to more detailed information for the interested.

Unfortunately, the information provided in each summary/review reflects the tool's state at the time we look at the tool in question. Although we do try to keep the table from falling too far out of date, the information does go stale, especially prices; you should fetch the original web page or software distribution if you want to be sure of up-to-date information. Of course, we always welcome updated information.

NOTE: due to staff time limitations, the summary section has not be updated in quite some time, and will likely be removed altogether in the near future. We regret that we do not have the resources to maintain the summary section at this time.

Internet Service Monitoring

During the course of this project we have found a gap in the area of tools/data to answer the question of to what extent, if any, systemic Internet behavior is improving or degrading. Not only do we have limited data on systemic latencies, packet loss rates, and available bandwidths, but even data we do have does not allow for quantitative assessement of implications on Internet users. In pursuit of methodical collection of performance data, a new class of tools has emerged: , which track response time of Internet servers, i.e., at the application layer.

Flow Tools

Flow measurement tools treat a series of packets with common source/destination attributes as a unit of traffic transmission. Abstracting Internet traffic from packets into flows yields additional insight into traffic behavior. This taxonomy includes several such tools, including the CoralReef flow monitor and the cflowd software available for use with Cisco NetFlow output.

This table focuses on measurement for research and traffic analysis, rather than operational network management, but we do list network management systems that include sophisticated measurement components. Readers primarily interested in network management can find links to more comprehensive material on the subject at the end of the document.

More Information

Several mailing lists discuss traffic measurement and analysis tools, including the IETF/IPPM working group mail list.

Measurement Tools

Internet Measurement

Name More
Source Object Measured Summary Avail
ping infoARL (was BRL) availability, latency, pkt loss original ping free
Nikhef ping infoEric Wassenaar availability, latency, pkt loss many minor changes from orig ping free
fping infoRoland Schemers multihost availability/delay multihost, script-oriented ping free
sting infoStefan Savage one-way packet loss rates non-ICMP, leverages TCP semantics free
pingplotter infoPete Ness ping/traceroute plotting program plotting free
gnuplotping infoDuane Wessels multihost availability/delay graphical interface to multihost ping free
Imeter (Lachesis) infoJeff Sedayao,
Kotaro Akita
long-term avail, latency, pktloss multihost ping data collection/analysis scripts free
Other Availability/Latency Tests
echoping infoStephane Bortzmeyer TCP/UDP/HTTP latency Sends TCP or UDP packet to echo port, or HTTP to web server free
wwping infoJonathon Fletcher web server availability returns server response to HTTP GET results
Hop by Hop
traceroute infoLBNL displays route to host each hop in path with per-hop latency free
Nikhef traceroute infoEric Wassenaar displays route to host many minor changes from orig traceroute free
Mtr infoMatt Kimball traceroute and ping supports X or curses interface free
traceroute servers infoYahoo list 3rd-party traceroutes and traceroute related links reverse traceroute servers from all over globe free
traceroute servers 3rd-party traceroutes reverse traceroute servers from all over globe free
pathchar infoLBNL path performance measures bw/latency/loss of each link&hop free
OTTool infoNeon Software routes traceroute, ping, nslookup, address scanner for the Mac free
NeoTraceinfoNeoWorx routes geographical display of traceroute, whois and ping $$
WhatRoute infoBryan Christianson routes geographical display of traceroute, ping, finger, whois for the Mac free
GeoBoy infoNDG displays route to host graphical display of route on map or 3D globe $$
VisualRoute infoDatametrics ping, whois and traceroute like features graphical display of route on world map $$
GTrace   CAIDA (Ram Periakaruppan) routes graphical display of traceroute on world map free
Xtraceroute   Bjorn Augustsson routes graphical display of route on 3D world globe free
Internet Throughput
TReno infoMatt Mathis,
Jamshid Mahdavi
TCP bandwidth user-level TCP implementation free
bing infoPierre Beyssac bottleneck bandwidth measures xput by contrasting rtts of diff-sized pkts free
{b|c}probe infoBob Carter bottleneck / 'congestion' bandwidth measures xput using packet-pair techniques free
clink infoAllen B. Downey per-link bandwidth estimate UDP packets, reimplementation of pathchar free
dummynet Luigi Rizzobandwidthsimulates/enforces queue and bandwidth limitations, delays, packet losses, and multipath effectsfree
pchar infoBruce A. Mah per-link bandwidth estimate UDP packets, reimplementation of pathchar free
Internet Service Monitoring
(also see SLAC's Comparison of some Internet Active End-to-end Performance Measurement projects)
Keynote infoKeynote Server response time Periodically fetches URL from set of servers, tracks server perf, tells clients opt server choice $$
Matrix IQinfoMatrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS) latency from source host proprietary sofware package used by MIDS for their Internet Weather ReportTM $$
NetScore infoAnacapa Software Server response time tries contacting server once/min, displays/tracks results $$
NARUS IntelligenceinfoNARUS, Inc.traffic flowbuilt upon the NARUS Semantic Traffic Analysis (STA) platform, providing complete, real time visibility into all IP services and usage.$$
nGenius Server,
Traffic Monitor,
Performance Monitor, and

AppScout, and
NetScout Manager Plus,
infoNetScout Systemstraffic volumes, response-times and connection requestshighly scalable, web-based tools for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. Provides dedicated, non-intrusive data collection and immediate, application-aware visibility of mission-critical e-business traffic.$$
infoNIKSUN, Inc.traffic flow, per-application response time, retransmission rate, RTT, end-to-end loss, bandwidth, throughputnon-intrusive scalable and extendable system with a variety of traffic analysis, data filtering, security analysis, and reporting capabilities$$
 Service Metrics, an Exodus Communications companyweb performanceprobes 1-15 times/hr; End-to-End time, First DNS, Other Dns, Connect, Request, and Redirect times, Connection teardown; uses TraceRoute and Ping$$
timeit infoJeff Sedayao,
Cindy Bickerstaff
web performance tracks long-term HTTP query performance across Internet free

Internet Measurement Efforts

(also see SLAC's Comparison of some Internet Active End-to-end Performance Measurement projects)
Name More
Contact Object Measured Summary Avail
Systematic Pinging
Active Measurement Program (AMP)infoNLANR/MOAT Ongoing measurements of vBNS round trip times, topology and loss via a full mesh of multiple monitors. data, results, visualizations
skitterinfoCAIDA paths from a source to many destinations and analysis of path to a specific destination host results
MINCinfoUMass inference of unicast performance from multicast probes exchanged between measurement servers results
MINTinfoUMass per-link loss and multicast tree topology free
NetStatinfoNet Stat latency from different places   results
Internet Weather for News hosts infojoel jaeggli latency from UO latency distributions from UO to many news servers no
RIPE-NCC Test Traffic Project infoHenk Uijterwaal 1 way delay/loss between dedicated test-boxes at ISP's   no
Internet Traffic ReportinfoAndover Net wide area latency latency along "major paths on the Internet" (which path or how 'major' determined is not given) results
Server monitor testing your web server sends periodic HTTP request to list of servers no
MIDSInternet Weather ReportTMinfoJohn Quarterman latency from Austin latency distributions from Austin to all over world results
PingER : Internet measurement at SLAC infoLes Cottrell, Connie Logg latency/availability information to numerous sites systematic pinging, sophisticated recording of results free
Oak Ridge Monitoring Activities infoGary Haney latency/loss to ESnet-related sites systematic pinging free
National Internet Measurement Infrastructure (NIMI)infoVern Paxson
Jamshid Mahdavi
general Internet measurement infrastructure loosely NPD-based software package supporting user-scheduled network measurement tool use from the user's host. free
SurveyorinfoGuy Almes one-way delay and packet loss metrics among member sites An Internet paths measurement infrastructure currently being deployed at participating sites around the world, based on standards being developed by the IETF's IPPM WG results
Traceping infoJohn Macallister packet loss international loss monitoring via traceping tool free
TRIUMF Network Statistics infoAndrew Daviel performance monitoring of TRIUMF-related sites systematic testing, sophisticated visualization of results free
ISP Measurement
TEN-155 Full Mesh traffic map  DANTE Averange IP traffic in the TEN-155 core mesh in the last two hours, meant to give an immediate visual indication on how traffic is flowing. results
Matrix IQ Ratings   Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. This public web page compares a variety of ISPs in terms of latency, packet loss, and reachability from Matrix IQ beacons, using a small subset of MIQ functionality. results
Inverse Measurement Service infoInverse ISP performance benchmark ISP performance from all over U.S. results
TEN Net gaming service's weather service latency/packet loss to many ISPs monitor gaming machines across TEN's infrastructure results
Montreal Internet service providers infoPeter Burke Consulting latency/packet loss to many Montreal ISPs attempt to compare Montreal ISP perf results
Internet Cloud Measurement
Network Probe Daemon infoVern Paxson route behavior traceroute data from some end hosts free
NetNow infoCraig Labovitz Inter-NAP latency/loss NAP-sourced packet latency/loss in rework
IPMA infoMerit IPMA Project backbone routing behavior study backbone routing problems current BGP routing stats
Routing Arbiter stats info   defunct replaced by IPMA n/a
looking glass info Ed Kern (ejk @ router stats router debugging stats query web interface results, free src
Application Performance
Unidata IDD Latencies infoUnidata Product delivery latency tracks time to deliver weather data to many client sites results

Maximum Throughput Measurement Tools

Name More
Contact Object Measured Summary Avail
netperf infoRick Jones min latency, max throughput high performance benchmark, includes results db free
ttcp infoARL (was BRL) max throughput This archive includes most variants of original free
TTCP/PTCP   Jacques Rochez max throughput and rtt tools using TCP/UDP for the evaluation of a network connection, mainly based on the TTCP benchmarking tool free
New ttcp infoElmar Bartel max throughput improved version of ttcp for benchmarking the performance of TCP connections. free
nettest info   max throughput Cray throughput measurement program free
netspec infoRoel Jonkman max throughput throughput test scripting language binary

The Mbone

(also see our updated Mbone tools table on the Mbone tools summary page)
Name More
Contact Mechanism Summary Avail
MantrainfoPrashant Rajvaidya and Kevin Almeroth Information from router-tables monitoring and analysis of traffic in multicast routers; accepts requests for special reporting results
MHealthinfoDavid Makofske and Kevin Almeroth RTCP-data & mtrace Real-time multicast tree visualization and monitoring tool free
MlisteninfoKevin Almeroth Information from session announcements & RTCP-data Mbone membership information collection/processing free
MrinfoinfoBill Fenner IGMP messages find multicast router neighbors via IGMP free
MtraceinfoBill Fenner IGMP extension messages Multicast analog of traceroute free
MultiMONinfo J.L. Robinson and J.A. Stewart, Communications Research Centre TCPdump Collect, organize and displays all IP multicast traffic detected at the server free
RMinfoBill Fenner and Dan Massey route updates Monitoring the stability of various multicast routes in the existing topology of multicast free
RTPmon info Andrew Swan and David Bacher RTCP-data Monitor the control information exchanged between RTP apps free
SDR-MonitorinfoKamil Sarac and Kevin Almeroth information from the sdr-cache track the availability of world-wide sdr sessions results
SMinfo Domenico Lento Information from session announcements & RTCP-data Session Monitor provides listings and available details about all currently visible SDR sessions free
SNMP-based mroutedinfoDave Thaler Mbone mrouted with SNMP support free
mviewinfoDave Thaler Mbone Mbone management system free
A Map of the Mbone infoElan Amir Mbone Mbone map results

Packet Collection

Name More
Contact Platform Summary Avail
Free Collection Software
tcpdump infoLBNL unix most common portable packet dump program free
tcpflow   Jeremy Elson unix packet flow capture, reconstructs actual data streams free
libpcap infoLBL unix packet dump portability library free
pcapture infoLBL libpcap sample libpcap collection program free
Packetboy infoNDG sw unix, DOS LAN packet dumper binary
IPTraf infoGerard Paul Java Linux 2.0 and higher IP LAN monitor free (GPL2.0)
tcpdprivinfo Greg Minshall of Ipsilon Networks, Inc unix program for eliminating confidential information from packets collected on a network interface free
Bundled Collection Software
etherfind info Sun SunOS bundled with SunOS binary
iptrace info IBM AIX bundled with AIX binary
netsnoop info SGI Irix bundled with Irix binary
snoop info Sun Solaris bundled with Solaris binary
Opensource Software Packet Analyzers
Etherealinfohttp://ethereal.zing.orgUnix (GNU)examine live network or capture files.
Commercial Software Packet Analyzers
Century LAN Analyzer infoShomiti Systems Win95 Has optional hardware support $$
EtherPeek infothe ag group mac, windows packet analyzer for Mac or Windows $$
LANSleuth infoSSI Windows Has optional remote extension $$
Monet infoMG-SOFT DOS DOS packet analyzer $$
Netxray and Webxray infoCincoSoftware Windows 95 and NT Windows packet analyzer $$
NetMinder Ethernet infoNeon Software MacOS Mac packet analyzer $$
Observer infoNetwork Instrument Windows Version with remote capability also available $$
Hardware Packet Analyzers
CellBlaster infoNet2Net standalone ATM packet analyzers, generators $$
HP Internet Advisor infoHP standalone packet analyzer $$
Sniffer infoNetwork General standalone packet analyzer $$
W&G Analyzers infoWandel and Goltermann standalone packet analyzers, generators $$
Flow Collectors
Argus infoSEI Argus team unix real time flow monitor free
CoralReefinfoCAIDA DOS, UNIX OC3/OC12 (soon OC48) ATM->IP (soon POS) flow capture and analysis package free
NetFlow interface infoCisco   flow-based statistics output documented
cflowdinfoCAIDA   host-side manager for Cisco flow-exports free
flow-* infoMark Fullmer   collects Cisco NetFlow stats free
ccci netflow scripts infoPeter J. Welcher   scripts to process netflow output free
NeTraMet infoNevil Brownlee unix, DOS flow monitoring, analysis for accounting free
Analysis Tools
tcptrace infoShawn Ostermann unix tcp session analysis, plotting free
tracelookinfoGreg Minshall Tcl/Tk simple TCP plots from tcpdump output free
xplot infoTim Shepard unix making tcp plots free
Collection Efforts (data archives!)
Internet Traffic Archive infoSee summary n/a an assortment of traces and tools free
insight into internet workloads infoNLANR/MOAT n/a recent traces, analysis tools results
DEC HTTP traces info Digital n/a traces from Digital's main web proxies free
Waikato ATM Cell Archive infoWaikato ATM Group n/a ATM cell measurement traces free

Traffic Analysis

Name More
Contact Summary Avail
Real-Time Traffic Monitors
Etherboy infoNDG LAN traffic monitor binary
Netboy infoNDG LAN connectivity monitor binary
NetMeter infothe ag group LAN traffic monitor $$
nfswatch infoDave Curry, Jeff Mogul LAN traffic monitor free
Skyline/Satellite infothe ag group LAN traffic monitor $$
TrafficWatch infoNeon Software LAN traffic monitor $$
tcptrace infoShawn Ostermann tcp session analysis, plotting free
tracelook infoGreg Minshall simple TCP plots from tcpdump output free
xplot infoTim Shepard making tcp plots free

Statistics Collection

Name More
Contact Summary Avail
BBN/StatsWise infoBob Brown analysis/mgmt of NMS-generated stats $$
CyberGauge infoNeon Software collects/displays throughput stats $$
MRTGinfoTobias Oetiker, Dave Rand collects and displays router stats free
RRDtoolinfoTobias Oetiker `Round Robin Database' - a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). free
NNStat infoJeff Mogul, Amoss Shapira collects statistics by traffic sampling free
Scion infoMerit NetSCARF Team collects, manages, and displays SNMP stats free
TRENDsnmp+ infoDesktalk Systems SNMP/RMON data collection and analysis $$

Internet Measurement Visualization

(also see our updated Network visualization page, including Network visualization tool table)
Name More
Contact Summary Avail
GTrace   CAIDA geographical visualization of traceroute data free
GeoPlot   CAIDA geographical display of data represented as nodes and links free
Plankton   CAIDA NLANR cache hierarchy topology and workload visualization free
ASExplorer infoMerit IPMA Project map of NAP route instabilities results
pubnetmap infoDave Jevans attempted visualization of Internet links and latencies results
Geoboy info geographical traceroute binary
hostname to Lat/Long infoMatt Gardner useful subroutine for Internet mappers results
MIDS John Quarterman & Co. Internet cartographers $$

Network Management Systems (NMS)

Name More
Contact Summary Avail
sitescope infoFreshtech network monitoring package free
snmpstatinfo Aleksei Roudnev (alex @ network monitoring via SNMP queries shareware
HNMS infoNASA COSMIC Tech Transfer modular, open, hierarchical NMS $$
Nocol infoVikas Aggarwal network monitoring package free
Unavailability Alerting
Sysmon infoJared Mauch sends email when service is unavailable free
Network Planning
HP NetMetrix infoHP HP network planning package $$
NetMaker XA infomake systems NetMaker network planning package $$
Netsys infoNetsys Cisco network planning package $$ maintains cvs controlled copies of Cisco and Juniper router configurations free
Independent Commercial
Castle Rock SNMPc infoCastle Rock Computing NMS $$
InterMapper infoHelpSystems InterMapper network status visualization $$
Nebula infoLinmore Technologies NMS $$
NETscout infoNetScout Systems NETscout NMS and w/RMON probe extensions $$
Network Health infoConcord Communications NMS $$
*PM info3DV routerPM/HubPM/SwitchPM/NetworkPM mgt system $$
UltraDNS Services infoNeuStar UltraDNS Managed DNS $$
US Hardware-Specific
Solstice infoSun Sun's network management package $$
HP Openview infoHP HP's open network management package $$
NetView infoTivoli IBM/Tivoli's network management package $$
Spectrum infoCabletron IBM/Cabletron's network management package $$
clearVISN infoDEC Network Products DEC's network management system $$
DECelm info Digital VMS-based network management system $$
European Hardware-Specific
ISM TransMaster infoBull ISM Bull network management system $$
Sage/X infoPerform Perform network management system $$
Transview SNMP infoSiemens Nixdorf Siemens network management system $$
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