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CAIDA Visualization Tools
CAIDA is developing a number tools for Internet data visualization and analysis, including collection, analysis, and display of data through both passive and active measurement efforts. CAIDA's Internet Atlas project aims to develop techniques, software, and protocols for mapping the Internet. The project combines a research effort with a large-scale engineering and publishing effort.
  • Cuttlefish
    cuttlefish produces animated GIFs that reveal the interplay between the diurnal and geographical patterns of displayed data. By showing how the sun's shadow covers the world map, Cuttlefish clearly depicts the time of day at a given geographic region, while moving graphs illustrate the relationship between local time and the visualized events.
  • GeoPlot
    GeoPlot is a light-weight java applet which allows users to create a geographical image of a data set. The applet provides the user with many options to represent the data set. Basically, GeoPlot plots a set of nodes and a set of lines that connect these nodes on an image specified by the user.
  • GTrace
    GTrace is a graphical front-end to traceroute. It uses a combination of methods to determine or guess at the physical location of a node in a traceroute path.
  • LibSea
    There are many graph file formats and graph libraries available today. However, most are proprietary, ad-hoc, limited in expressiveness, too verbose, or lacking in scalability. LibSea is both a file format and a Java library for representing large directed graphs on disk and in memory. Scalability to graphs with as many as one million nodes has been the primary goal. Additional goals have been expressiveness, compactness, and support for application-specific conventions and policies.
  • Mapnet
    Mapnet is a tool for visualizing the infrastructure of multiple international backbone providers simultaneously. Each backbone infrastructure is divided into a group of nodes (POPs) and pipes between these nodes, drawing them based on their geographical location on a map of the world. Mapnet is made available as a web-based Java applet.
  • Otter
    Otter is a historical CAIDA tool used for visualizing arbitrary network data that can be expressed as a set of nodes, links or paths. Otter was developed to handle visualization tasks for a wide variety of Internet data, including data sets on topology, workload, performance, and routing.
  • Plankton
    Plankton offers a visualization of the international cache topology as seen from the perspective of the NLANR root caches.
  • plot-latlong
    plot-latlong is a simple tool for plotting points on geographic maps given a list of latitude/longitude pairs.
  • PlotPaths
    PlotPaths displays forward and reverse network path data from a single source to one or more destinations.
  • Walrus
    Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space. By employing a fisheye-like distortion, it provides a display that simultaneously shows local detail and the global context.
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