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TPRC47 Student Travel Grant Request

For the upcoming TPRC47: Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy in Washington DC, September 20-21, 2019, a limited amount of travel assistance (in the form of reimbursements) will be given for qualifying students interested in attending.

Sorry, we have awarded all qualifying travel grants and are no longer accepting requests for TPRC travel grants this year.

Form and Amount of Support

The support is intended to defray, but not entirely cover, the costs of attending the conference. Only registration, shared hotel room, and airfare qualify for reimbursement, and the decision will be made when travel grants are awarded subject to availability of funds. The award will be handled via reimbursements. The specific way will depend on the source of the travel grant, for example, some travel grants will be reimbursed through an NSF grant. Further details of the reimbursement procedure will be communicated to the award recipients.


These student travel grants are sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). To qualify, a student must be a full-time student at a US institution. Priorities will be given to first-time attendees, especially those who do not have papers accepted by TPRC 47, and to students from under-represented groups in STEM disciplines (e.g., women, minorities and people with disabilities), and who are coming from diverse institutions. Student recipients will be reimbursed (based on valid receipt) after the conference. In order to have their airfare to be reimbursed by this type of grant, students must book their flights from US-based carriers.

In making travel grant decisions, students with accepted presentations at TPRC will be given higher priority. In addition, preference will be given to students who are not authors of an accepted conference paper (we believe the authors' home organizations should cover costs for authors).

Application Process

Prospective students are asked to complete the form below to apply for eligibility for the travel grant, justifying their financial need. Applicants will be notified at a later date whether they will by accepted for the travel grant to attend TPRC47. The accepted applicants will still have to book their travel and hotels on their own, saving their receipts for reimbursement after the event. For TPRC 47 in 2019, reimbursements will be processed by the University of California, San Diego.

To be submitted in a single PDF file, an application for a travel award will consist of the student's vita, a letter from the student, and a letter from the student's advisor:

  1. Student's curriculum vitae/resume
  2. Letter from the student. The letter from the student should indicate why the student believes he or she would benefit from attending TPRC. The students letter should include:
    • A brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date;
    • A description of areas reflected in TPRC program that would impact the student's research;
    • A description of why the conference attendance is important to this student.
  3. Student's advisor's letter of recommendation to the committee, indicating:
    • why the advisor believes the student would benefit from attending the conference;
    • that the student is a Ph.D. candidate in good standing;
    • the advisor's view on suitability of the TPRC program material to the students research area;
    • ways this particular student would benefit from attendance at the conference;
    • strengths and potential contributions of the student.

Reimbursement Process

With the University of California, San Diego processing the reimbursement, each traveler is required to have an account set-up within the system. Please fill out the information shown in the next section.

Save your receipts! After the conference, please collect all itemized receipts (airfare, lodging, transportation, etc.) to submit for reimbursement. When scanning receipts, please make sure all information is clear and easy to read. Private and sensitive information should be redacted (e.g., address, phone number, etc.). There are strict limitations on what can be reimbursed, so be sure to read the important things to know about reimbursement, below.

Student Travel Grant Request Form: CLOSED

Sorry, we have awarded all qualifying travel grants and are no longer accepting requests for TPRC travel grants this year.

Important things to know: Limitations on reimbursement

  • Airfare
    As per NSF and UC San Diego policy, a student receiving an NSF travel grant must book an economy rate U.S.-based airline carrier in order to be eligible for reimbursement (see Fly America Act). An invoice or itinerary from the travel agency, booking service or airline may serve as the original receipt. The receipt must show the form of payment used, name of passenger, dates and routes of travel, airfare class, and amount paid.

    If you are adding personal days to your travel, you are required to show that the airfare that extends travel with personal days, is not more expensive than airfare that does not. Please do a screenshot at the time you are booking travel to show that it does not. If you have a travel preparer booking your airfare, please communicate with them about your plans so that they can prepare this screenshot. Travel preparers should indicate on the screenshot or in the travel reconciliation notes, which is the comparison and which is the actual airfare purchased, since both fares have to be uploaded to the reconciliation.

  • Hotel
    UC maximum lodging rate for reimbursement is $275 before taxes and mandatory hotel fees. Traveler will not be reimbursed for in-room charges such as gym or movie fees. An itemized receipt is required.
  • Meals
    Claim the actual amount spent up to $62 per day. An itemized receipt is required. When submitting your receipt(s), please remove any alcohol expenses from the itemized receipt. Alcohol is not an allowable expense.
  • Package deals
    For reimbursement eligibility, the receipt or itinerary must specify cost for each item. Before purchasing a package, via the Web or otherwise, confirm you will be able to obtain the required documentation. If the receipt or itinerary does not show cost for each component (e.g., airfare, airfare tax, room rate per night, and room tax per night), get a receipt from each service provider (e.g. the airline, hotel, and/or rental car company). If the separate cost components of a travel package can't be specified, it's not possible to substantiate the business expenses and verify no personal benefit to the traveler. This is based on UC policy and IRS guidelines, and makes the expense ineligible for reimbursement. To meet UC San Diego travel policy, UC travel policy, and IRS requirements, the receipt or itinerary must specify the cost of each item, but most sellers of package deals are unwilling to provide that information due to their relationships with suppliers.
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