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ISMA 2004 Workshop on Internet Signal Processing (WISP) Reading List

This reading list is a starting point. We welcome suggestions of additional papers!

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  1. P. Abry, D. Veitch, "Wavelet analysis of long-range-dependent traffic", IEEE Trans. Information Theory 44:1, pp. 2-15.
  2. M. K. Aguilera, J.C. Mogul, J.L. Wiener, P. Reynolds and A. Muthitacharoen, "Performance Debugging for Distributed Systems of Black Boxes," ACM SOSP 2002.
  3. P. Barford, J. Kline, D. Plonka, A. Ron. "A Signal Analysis of Network Traffic Anomalies", In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop, Marseilles, France, November, 2002.
  4. D. Cousins, C. Partridge, K. Bongiovanni, A.W. Jackson, R. Krishnan, T. Saxena, and W.T. Strayer, "Understanding Encrypted Networks Through Signal and Systems Analysis of Traffic Timing", Proc. IEEE Aerospace Conference (2003).
  5. A. Feldmann, A. Gilber, W. Willinger, and T. Kurtz, "The changing nature of network traffic: scaling phenomena", ACM CCR, 28:3, pp. 5-29.
  6. P. Huang, A. Feldmann, and W. Willinger, "A non-intrusive, wavelet-based approach to detecting network performance problems", Proc. ACM Internet Measurement Workshop (2001), pp. 213-227.
  7. A. Hussain, J. Heidemann, C. Papadopoulos, "A Framework for Classifying Denial of Service Attacks", Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2003, pp. 99-112.
  8. M.S. Kim, T. Kim, Y. Shin, S.S. Lam and E.J. Powers, "A Wavelet-Based Approach to Detect Shared Congestion," Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2004.
  9. A. Magnaghi, T. Hamada, and T. Katsuyama. "A wavelet-based framework for proactive detection of network misconfigurations", Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2004 Workshops, pp. 253--258, 2004.
  10. C. Partridge, D. Cousins, A.W. Jackson, R. Krishnan, T. Saxena, and W.T. Strayer, "Using Signal Processing to Analyze Wireless Data Traffic", Proc. ACM Workshop on Wireless Security (2002).
  11. R.H. Riedi, M.S. Crouse, V.J. Riberio and R.G. Baraniuk, "A Multifractal wavelet model with application to network traffic", IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, 45:3, pp. 992-1018.
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