Robert Moskowitz, Chrysler

Position Statement for
NSF Workshop on Internet Statistics Measurement and Analysis

The following are sections taken for a number of internal AIAG draft documents. This will give some of the ideas that the AIAG members have about network metrics, which at reading is still a surface view. This is will be augmented by hard copy detail reports that will be available at the workshop.


Chrysler, Ford and GM have endorsed TCP/IP as a protocol standard for automotive industry trading partner data communications. This standard will reduce the complexity of the industry's data communications environment, and minimize duplication of costly facilities.

All automotive trading partners have similar requirements for data networks, and need to reduce data communication costs while meeting the following operational criteria:

The choice of the TCP/IP protocol does not by itself ensure that these criteria are met. A specific implementation plan is required. To this end, the automotive industry envisions an organization that will certify Internet Service Providers (CSPs) and exchange points, and will verify that the CSP networks meet the performance, reliability and security criteria of the automotive industry via the ANX 'overseer'. This network of certified and monitored providers has been collectively refered to as the Automotive Network eXchange (ANX).

Quality of Service Requirements

The business uses of the ANX by the automotive induster will define some of the ANX quality of service (QOS) requirements. QOS metrics that characterize the ANX service are: Performance, Reliability, and Administration and Management


Responsiveness of the ANX and its components is an important requirement for many of the automotive trading partners' applications. Performance is not only the end-to-end or network segment throughput times, but most importantly the end-user perception and true time for end-to-end information transfer.

The following are recommended metrics that the CSPs and exchange operators report to the ANX overseer (where the recommended period is a month):


Automotive trading partners expect high availability for a wide variety of business applications. The exchange points used by the ANX and the CSP's networks must both be implemented to meet this objective. Each trading partner will be responsible for reliability within their own enterprise.

The CSPs must provide performance metrics on intra-CSP connections and the exchange operators must provide for inter-CSP connections to the ANX overseer. The following are recommended metrics:

Administration and Management

Support services for trading partner use of the ANX must be highly available. This includes 24x7 help desk and performance and reliablilty measurement data.

The CSPs must provide performance metrics to their customers on help desk activities:

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