Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis ISMA: Network Visualization

Workshop AGENDA

Thursday, April 15, 1999
08:15 Breakfast in SDSC Lobby  
08:45 Introduction and purpose of the workshop Tracie Monk, kc claffy, CAIDA
09:00 Scientific visualization and networking data Bernard Pailthorpe, SDSC
09:25 Information space mapping Carl Malamud, Invisible Worlds
09:50 History of internet cartography Martin Dodge, UCL
10:15 Break  
10:30 Networking data visualization kc claffy, CAIDA
11:00 Visualization needs of different communities:  
  Internet service providers, large
institutions and other users
Shankar Rao (Qwest)
  Backbone network service providers Steve Feldman (MCI Worldcom),
Linda Leibengood (ANS)
12:00 Lunch on SDSC second floor patio and demos in Lobby/Auditorium/Rm308  
13:00 Visualization needs of different communities (cont'd):  
  Researchers Mike Bailey (SDSC)
Bill Cheswick (Bell Labs)
Hal Burch (CMU)
Stephen North (AT&T)
  Tool Providers Stephen Eick (Bell Labs/Visual Insights)
Taosong He (Bell Labs/Visual Insights)
Rob Rice (Make Systems)
Jerry Jongerius (VisualRoute)
Bryan Christianson (IHUG)
  Data Analysis Greg Staple (TeleGeography)
Kevin Almeroth (UCSB)
Prashant Rajvaidya (UCSB)

Stuart Levy (NCSA)
15:20 Break  
15:30 SDSC CHAT Demo
Networking data display/exploration tools/demo
Daniel McRobb (CAIDA), Tamara Munzner (Stanford)
16:30 Break  
16:40 Graph layout tools Arne Frick (Tom Sawyer Software)
17:00 Networking simulation tools John Heidemann (ISI)
17:30 Discussion/wrapup of day one, demo overview Tracie Monk, kc claffy, CAIDA
18:00 Reception and Demos in SDSC Lobby/Auditorium/Rm308  
Friday, April 16, 1999
08:15 Breakfast in SDSC Lobby  
09:00 Visualization challenges panel Lead: Tamara Munzner (Stanford University). Members: James Abello (ATT), Glenn Chisholm (NLANR), Stephen Eick (Bell Labs/Visual Insights), Taosong He (Bell Labs), Brad Huffaker (CAIDA), Arne Frick (Tom Sawyer), Stuart Levy (NCSA), Daniel McRobb (CAIDA), Stephen North (AT&T)
10:00 Break  
10:15 Networking operational concerns panel kc claffy (CAIDA), Lead: Bill Woodcock (Zocalo), Steve Feldman (MCI Worldcom), Linda Leibengood (ANS), Daniel McRobb (CAIDA)
11:15 Break  
11:30 Wrapup/conclusions kc claffy and Tracie Monk, CAIDA
12:00 Break / End formal agenda
13:00 - 17:00 laboratory/workstations reserved all afternoon for folks that want to work together.

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