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CAIDA Internet Data -- Active Data Sources

CAIDA collects several different data types at geographically and topologically diverse locations, and makes this data available to the research community to the extent possible while preserving the privacy of individuals and organizations who donate data or network access.

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Active Data Sources

Macroscopic Topology ProjectAssociated Data

CAIDA's Macroscopic Topology Project involves active measurements including IP- and AS-level connectivity as well as round trip time measurements through the core infrastructure of the Internet. CAIDA has many monitors around the world, each providing a unique vantage point on the backbone connectivity of the Internet. CAIDA makes both the raw and aggregated datasets available to qualified researchers.

Bandwidth EstimationAssociated Data

CAIDA's Bandwidth Estimation data includes demonstrations of the functionality of various bandwidth estimation tools under both laboratory and realistic traffic conditions. CAIDA also collected bandwidth measurements over the Internet between CAIDA's active monitors during the summer of 2004.

  • Laboratory Test Measurements - no cross traffic
  • Laboratory Test Measurements - realistic traffic
  • Internet-wide Measurements between Active Monitors
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