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CAIDA Internet Data -- Other Data Sources

CAIDA collects several different data types at geographically and topologically diverse locations, and makes this data available to the research community to the extent possible while preserving the privacy of individuals and organizations who donate data or network access.

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Other Data Sources

Hostname LookupsAssociated Data

CAIDA has contemporary IP address to hostname lookups for a number of its datasets, including some OC48 packet header traces, denial-of-service backscatter traces, and DNS request logs.

Geographic Information
  • NetAcuity

    CAIDA uses Digital Envoy's NetAcuity product to do IP address to geographic location mapping for our research projects. CAIDA is not able to provide public access to NetAcuity. For more information on NetAcuity, contact Digital Envoy.

  • GeoIP

    MaxMind's GeoIP product is another commercial source for IP address to geographic location mappings. For more information GeoIP, contact MaxMind.

  • NetGeo

    CAIDA's NetGeo tool provided an early heuristic-based approach to the geolocation of Internet entities such as IP addresses and Autonomous Systems (ASes), as well as an index to whois database records. The combination of a lack of continued funding to support the project and the availability of equally accurate (country-level granularity) commercial products, including Digital Envoy's NetAcuity product, led CAIDA to stop supporting the NetGeo project. While the server is still available, the data supporting queries was last updated in 2001.

    We are hoping to make contemporaneous location information for IP addresses observed during security events and in some of our historical traces available.

    NetGeo is no longer a viable support tool for Internet reseearch; we strongly discourage its use and we urge anyone in search of accurate geolocation data to use an alternate solution.

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