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CAIDA Data - Overview of Datasets, Monitors, and Reports

CAIDA collects several different types of data at geographically and topologically diverse locations, and makes this data available to the research community to the extent possible while preserving the privacy of individuals and organizations who donate data or network access.

This page provides a quick-access overview of available datasets (publicly available or otherwise restricted), with links to the dataset descriptions and access request forms when applicable. To read more about CAIDA's efforts in data curation and promoting data sharing, see the main CAIDA Data page.

Recent Datasets:CYMRU Bogon Reference Dataset (2018-12)RSDoS Attack Metadata (2018-09)BGP Community Dictionary (2018-04)Internet eXchange Points Dataset (2018-02)

The  colored header  in the overview table below indicates the field(s) the table is being sorted by. Click the header to change or toggle sorting order, and Shift+click headers to sort by multiple fields. Rows are colored by the collection status of the indicated dataset as follows:

 Ongoing The data collection for this dataset is still active and has continuing, regularly scheduled collections.
 One-time snapshot The dataset comes from a single collection event that only occured once. Future events will have a different dataset name.
 Complete A formerly ongoing data collection that is finished, and will not be resumed.
Complete Routed-Space DNS LookupsOngoingRequest access (download)TopologyRoot DNS Serversnone2015-Sep
Border Mapping (bdrmap) datasetCompleteRequest access from IMPACTTopologyRouteviews+RIPE RIS+AS rank+PeeringDB+PCHnone2017-03
PeeringDB datasetCompletePublicTopologyPeeringDBnone2017-05
IPv4 2013 Census datasetCompleteRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopenone2016-08
Telescope Darknet Scanners datasetCompleteRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopenone2016-08
Code-Red Worms (2001)CompleteRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopenone2001-Jul
Witty Worm (2004)One-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTWorm SummaryTelescopenone2004-Mar
Telescope Sipscan DatasetCompleteRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopenone2012-Sep
Telescope Educational DatasetCompletePublicTrafficTelescopedestination network masked;
source addresses Crypto-PAn anonymized
AS Links: IPv4 Routed /24 AS LinksOngoingPublicTopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2007-Sep
AS Links: IPv6 AS LinksOngoingPublicTopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2013-May
RouteViews Prefix to AS mappingsOngoingPublic (download)TopologyRouteViewsnone2005-May
AS RankOngoingPublic (web query)TopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2004-Jan
AS RelationshipsOngoingPublicTopologyRouteViewsnone2004-Jan
AS Relationships with Geographic AnnotationsOngoingPublicTopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2016-Nov
AS to Organization MappingOngoingPublicTopologyWhoisnone2014-Aug
AS ClassificationOngoingPublicTopologyPeeringDB + Telescope + Alexa + AS Relationshipsnone2015-Sep
Paper: PAM 2006 "AS Taxonomy"One-time snapshotPublic (download)TopologyRouteViewsnone2004-Jan
Geolocated Router DatasetOne-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTGeolocationITDK hostnames, RIPE Atlasnone2017-Sep
AS Facilities MappingOne-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTInfrastructurePeeringDB,Geoname,AS-to-Organization dataset,AS Relationships,MIDAR,prefix-to-AS mapnone2018-Jan
Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) Dataset OngoingPublicInfrastructurePeeringDB,Geoname,Hurricane Electric, PCHnone2018-Feb
BGP Community Dictionary Dataset One-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTInfrastructurePeeringDB,Geoname, Stanford's NERnone2018-Apr
CYMRU Bogon Reference DatasetOngoingPublicCensusTeam Cymrunone2018-Dec
AS Links: Skitter (= AS Adjacencies) (2000-2008)CompletePublicTopologySkitter + RouteViewsnone2006-May
Router Adjacencies = Router Graph Links (2003)One-time snapshotPublic (download)TopologySkitternone2003-Apr
Telescope: Two Days in November 2008One-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTTrafficTelescopedestination network masked2009-Jun
Telescope: Three Days of ConfickerOne-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTTrafficTelescopedestination network masked2009-Sep
Telescope: Patch-TuesdayOne-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTTrafficTelescopedestination network masked;
source addresses Crypto-PAn anonymized
OC48 Peering Point Traces (2002-2003)CompleteRequest access from IMPACTTrafficOC48 LinkCrypto-PAn2006-May
Anonymized Internet TracesCompleteRequest access (download) TrafficOC192 MonitorsCrypto-PAn2008-Jun
Anonymized Internet Traces on IPv6 Day and IPv6 Launch DayCompleteRequest access (download)TrafficOC192 MonitorsCrypto-PAn2011-Sep
Anonymized Industry Evaluation Internet Traces DatasetCompleteRequest access (download)TrafficOC192 MonitorsCrypto-PAn2013-Jun
Anonymized Internet Traces Summary StatisticsCompletePublicTrafficOC192 Monitorsnone2012-Sep
UCSD Network Telescope Traffic Samples (Backscatter)CompleteRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopedestination network masked2005-Jun
DDoS Attack 2007One-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTSecurityUniversity websitesCrypto-PAn2010-Feb
RSDoS Attack MetadataOne-time snapshotRequest access from IMPACTSecurityTelescopenone2018-Sep
DNS root/gTLD RTT DataOngoingPublicPerformanceNeTraMetnone2006-Aug
Topology: IPv4 Routed /24OngoingRequest access from IMPACT
Topology: IPv4 Routed /24 DNS Names OngoingRequest access from IMPACT
TopologyCAIDA DNS Lookupnone2008-Mar
Topology: IPv4 Prefix-Probing TracerouteOngoingRequest access from IMPACT
Topology: IPv6 TopologyOngoingPublicTopologyArknone2008-Dec
Topology: IPv6 DNS Names (public)OngoingPublicTopologyCAIDA DNS Lookupnone2014-Jun
Topology: Raw Skitter Topology (2000-2008)CompletePublicTopologySkitternone2004-Jul
Topology: Macroscopic Internet Topology Data Kit (Ark ITDK)OngoingRequest access from IMPACT 
TopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2010-Mar
Topology: Macroscopic Internet Topology Data Kit (Skitter ITDK)CompletePublicTopologySkitter + RouteViewsnone2012-Feb
Traceroute Probe Method 2008-AugOne-time snapshotPublic (download)TopologyArknone2008-Aug
Telescope: Passive Realtime MonitorOngoingPublic (interactive graph)Traffic Summary StatisticsTelescopenone2001-Feb
SDNAP: Passive Realtime MonitorCompletePublic (interactive graph)Traffic Summary StatisticsSDNAP Monitornone1998-Feb
Telescope: Near-Real-Time DataOngoingRequest access from IMPACT 
Request access from CAIDA
Telescope Aggregated Flow DatasetOngoingRequest access from IMPACT 
Request access from CAIDA
Telescope Daily RSDoS CompleteRequest access from IMPACT 
Request access from CAIDA
IPv6 Routed /48 TopologyOne-time snapshotPublicTopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2016-Jun
Paper: CCR 2014 "DRoP: DNS-based Router Positioning"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArk + GeoNamesnone2018-Jan
Paper: PAM 2010 "Improving AS Annotations"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArk + RouteViewsnone2010-Mar
Paper: IMC 2008 "Traceroute Probe Method "One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArknone2017-Jun
Paper: IMC 2009 "Source Address Validation"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArknone2016-May
Paper: CCR 2006 "AS Level Topology"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArk+BGP+WhoIsnone2016-May
Paper: PAM 2018 "Revealing the Load-balancing Behavior of YouTube Traffic on Interdomain Link"One-time snapshotPublicCongestionArk+PeeringDB+PCHnone2018-Mar
Paper: Nature Comm 2010 "Hyperbolic Mapping"One-time snapshotPublicTopologynone2016-May
Paper: TON 2013 "IPv4 Alias Resolution"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArknone2016-May
Paper: IMC 2013 "AS Relationships and Customer Cones"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArknone2016-May
Paper: IMC 2014 "Complex AS Relationships"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArk+BGPnone2016-May
Paper: PAM 2015 "IPv6 AS Relationships"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyBGPnone2016-May
Paper: Sigcomm 2017 "AS Router Outages"One-time snapshotPublicTopologyArknone2017-Sep
Column NameColumn Description
NameDataset name
StatusCurrent status of this dataset, indicating whether the dataset collection is ongoing or not. "One-time snapshot" implies complete. A link to resulting papers or analysis would be linked from the status, if available..
  • Ongoing - The data collection for this dataset is still active and has continuing, regularly scheduled collections.
  • One-time snapshot - The dataset comes from a single collection event that only occured once. Future events will have a different dataset name.
  • Complete - A formerly ongoing data collection that is finished, and will not be resumed.
AvailabilityPublic datasets are downloadable per the Acceptable Use Policy for the dataset. Restricted datasets require prior permission as well as adherence to the Acceptable Use Policy for that dataset. If a dataset requires a formal request for usage, the form will be linked.
  • Security
  • Topology
  • Traffic
  • Traffic Summary Statistics
  • Worm Summary
SourceThe source (e.g., network monitors, measurement infrastructure, etc) used to collect the dataset.
AnonymizationIf the dataset is anonymized, the method of anonymization will be indicated.
  • Crypto-PAn - The Crypto-PAn tool was used to anonymize the IP addresses in the dataset.
  • destination network masked - The destination network was masked in the dataset.
Release DateThe date when the dataset or report was made available.

Other organizations across the globe, both academic and non-academic, provide access to internet-related data that also are of interest to the research community. Links to several of the more interesting datasets are given in a non-exhaustive list of external (non-CAIDA) data.

Additional Information

To keep up to date on CAIDA datasets you can subscribe to For other questions about CAIDA data, please contact For more information about using CAIDA data, please see the CAIDA Data Usage FAQ.

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