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The CAIDA Anonymized Internet 2007 Traces Dataset

CAIDA's passive traces dataset contains traces collected from high-speed monitors on a commercial backbone link. The data collection started in April 2008 and ended in January 2019. These data are useful for research on the characteristics of Internet traffic, including application breakdown, security events, geographic and topological distribution, flow volume and duration. For an overview of all traces see the trace statistics page)

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This page describes the CAIDA Anonymized Internet Traces 2007 Dataset. We don't give this dataset out anymore, since we think more relevant datasets are available from CAIDA and elsewhere.

The CAIDA Anonymized Internet Traces 2007 Dataset

This dataset was retired on 11 January 2010, and is no longer available

This dataset contains anonymized passive traffic traces from CAIDA's AMPATH monitor on an OC12 link at the AMPATH Internet Exchange during the DITL 2007 measurement event. The payload has been removed from all packets.

CAIDA only operated one passive Internet trace collection monitor in 2007, we expanded our monitoring capabilities in 2008 and strongly encourage people to use data in the Anonymized 2008 Internet Traces Dataset, which we think contains traffic traces more representative of current Internet traffic. Information on other CAIDA datasets is available on the data section of our website.

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