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The CAIDA Anonymized Internet Traces 2014 Dataset

CAIDA's passive traces dataset contains traces collected from high-speed monitors on a commercial backbone link. The data collection started in April 2008 and ended in January 2019. These data are useful for research on the characteristics of Internet traffic, including application breakdown, security events, geographic and topological distribution, flow volume and duration. For an overview of all traces see the trace statistics page)

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The CAIDA Anonymized Internet Traces 2014 Dataset

This dataset contains anonymized passive traffic traces from CAIDA's equinix-chicago and equinix-sanjose monitors on high-speed Internet backbone links. This data is useful for research on the characteristics of Internet traffic, including application breakdown, security events, topological distribution, and flow volume and duration.

Starting with the 2014 dataset the yearly passive trace datasets will only contain one trace per quarter (previous years contain one trace per month). While we still collect a one-hour trace each month (and add statistics about each trace to the trace statistics page), we are forced by storage limitations to select only one of the three traces for each quarter for inclusion in this yearly collection.

Traffic traces in this dataset are anonymized using CryptoPan prefix-preserving anonymization. All traces in this dataset are anonymized with the same key. In addition, the payload has been removed from all packets.

The Endace network cards used to record these traces provide timestamps with nanosecond precision. However, the anonymized traces are stored in pcap format with timestamps truncated to microseconds. The original nanosecond timestamps are provided as separate ascii files alongside the pcap files.

The traces can be read with any software that reads the pcap (tcpdump) format, including the CoralReef Software Suite, tcpdump, Wireshark, and many others.

We are aware that some data in this dataset contains more then trivial amounts of packet loss; this has especially been an issue for equinix-chicago direction B. Due to the way the monitoring equipment is set up the synchronization between directions we don't know how well-aligned both directions of a single link are for the equinix-chicago setup. More information on this in the README file in the dataset.

CAIDA makes near-realtime traffic reports available from its passive monitors.

Acceptable Use Agreement

Access to these data is subject to the terms of the following CAIDA Acceptable Use Agreement (printable version in PDF format)

When referencing this data (as required by the AUA), please use:

The CAIDA UCSD Anonymized Internet Traces 2014 - <insert dates used here>
Also, please, report your publication to CAIDA.

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