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Non-CAIDA Publications using CAIDA data

This page contains a list of publications from research using CAIDA data. The purpose of this list is to provide insight into past uses of CAIDA data. We rely on researchers who download our data to comply with the Acceptable Use Policies of our datasets in reporting published papers and presentations to us. If you would like to report a publication or provide an update to information listed here, see our Data Publication Report Page. For a description of how we track down these publications see our procedure for locating publications using CAIDA data.

We would like to thank all researchers who reported their publications using CAIDA data, with a special thanks to Paolo Federico, Alberto Dainotti and Antonio Pescapè for reporting numerous publications.

For a previously collated list of papers referencing CAIDA's skitter project, see Publications referencing the skitter tool or data. For a list of all papers published by CAIDA authors, see Papers by CAIDA.

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This map shows a geographic distribution of the institutional affiliations of the first author of papers published by non-CAIDA researchers that used one or more of the datasets distributed by CAIDA.

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Gaborone, BWTraffic prediction in cloud computing using time series mode ...Mokgolodi, K.Anonymized Internet Traces2016-08
Pittsburgh, PA, USSIFF: a Stateless Internet Flow Filter to mitigate DDoS floo ...Yaar, A., Perrig, A., et al.Topology with Skitter2004-05
San Diego, CA, USCharacterizing and measuring path diversity of internet topo ...Teixeira, T., Marzullo, K., et al.Topology with Skitter2003-06
Monterey, CA, USDistributed Emulation in Support of Large NetworksGreunke, B.Topology with BGP2016
Hawthorne, NY, USEffective peering for multi-provider content delivery servic ...Amini, L., Shaikh, A., et al.Topology with Skitter2004
Ankara, TRServer Notaries: A Complementary Approach to the Web PKI Tru ...Yuce, E., Selcuk, A.A.Topology with BGP2016
Aalto, FIInter-domain incentives and Internet architectureRajahalma, J.Topology with BGP2012-08
Washington, DC, USNetwork Level Attacks and Defenses Against Anonymity Network ...Tan, Z.D.H.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2016
Delft, NLOn the relationships between topological measures in real-wo ...Jamakovic, A., Uhlig, S., et al.Topology with Skitter2007-09
San Diego, CA, USA distributed mechanism to protect against DDoS attacksMosharraf, N., Jayasumana, A., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2017-06
Vigo, ESFrame coalescing in dual-mode EEEHerreria-Alonso, S., Rodriguez-Perez, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2015-10
Enschede, NLImpact of packet sampling on link dimensioningde Oliviera Schmidt, R., Sadre, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2015-09
College Park, MD, USLongitudinal analysis of root server anycast inefficienciesLi, Z., Levin, D., et al.Topology with BGP2017-00
Waterloo, CATurbo covert channel: An iterative framework for covert comm ...Ahmadzadeh, S.A., Agnew, G.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-04
Enschede, NLLightweight link dimensioning using sFlow samplingSchmidt, R., Sadre, R., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-10
Bradford, UKDynamic OBS offset allocation in WDM networksMouchos, C., Tsokanos, A., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-11
Atlanta, GA, USExploiting underlying structure for detailed reconstruction ...Kumar, A., Paxson, V., et al.UCSD Network Telescope2005-10
Irvine, CA, US2.5K-graphs: from sampling to generationGjoka, M., Kurant, M., et al.Topology with BGP2012-08
Beijing, CNFlow-level traffic engineering in conventional networks with ...Geng, N., Yang, Y., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2018-01
West Lafayette, IN, USOpportunistic flow-level latency estimation using consistent ...Lee, M., Duffield, N., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-02
Haifa, ILMaximizing the throughput of cuckoo hashing in network devic ...Kanizo, Y., Hay, D., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-02
Chania, GRSketching distributed sliding-window data streamsPapapetrou, O., Garofalakis, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2015-03
Brooklyn, NY, USEfficient buffering and scheduling for a single-chip crosspo ...Cao, Z., Panwar, S.S.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-10
Nathan, AUIntelligent Sampling Using an Optimized Neural NetworkJadidi, Z., Muthukkumarasamy, V., et al.Denial of Service Attacks, Anonymized Internet Traces2016-01
Seoul, KRAPFS: Adaptive Probabilistic Filter Scheduling against distr ...Seo, D., Lee, H., et al.Topology with Skitter2013-11
Lubbock, TX, USApplying big data analytics on integrated cybersecurity data ...Juturu, L.S.Denial of Service Attacks2015-05
Shenyang, CNResearch on bottleneck-delay in internet based on IP united ...Lin, C., Bi, Y., et al.Topology with Archipelago2016-07
Eugene, OR, USEyeball ASes: from geography to connectivityRasti, A.H., Magharei, N., et al.Topology with BGP2010-11
Princeton, NJ, USOptimizing the placement of implicit proxiesCesareo, J., Karlin, J., et al.Topology with BGP2012-06
Barcelona, ESThe impact of content delivery networks on the Internet ecos ...Palacin, M., Oliver, M., et al.Topology with BGP2013-00
Buenos Aires, ARUnderstanding edge connectivity in the Internet through core ...Alvarez-Hamelin, J.I., Beiro, M.G., et al.Topology with Skitter2011-03
Budapest, HUCompressing IP forwarding tables: Realizing information-theo ...Korosi, A., Tapolcai, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2014-10
Tempe, AZ, USNetwork-aware behavior clustering of Internet end hostsXu, K., Wang, F., et al.UCSD Network Telescope, Anonymized Internet Traces2011-04
Xiamen, CNA novel network flow watermark embedding model for efficient ...Chen, Y., Wang, S.Anonymized Internet Traces2016-00
Granville, OH, USDivergence in network trafficTakahashi, E.K., Chen, Y., et al.Denial of Service Attacks2011-11
Hong Kong, CNAn efficient approach to multi-level route analyticsChen, A., Chan, E.W.W., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-05
Lubeck, DEDynaCORE - dynamically reconfigurable coprocessor for networ ...Albrecht, C., Foag, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2010-03
Ann Arbor, MI, USMeasuring IPv6 adoptionCzyz, J., Allman, M., et al.Topology with Archipelago2013-08
Zhengzhou, CNAn epidemic-dynamics-based model for CXPST spreading in inte ...Wang, Y., Wang, Z., et al.Topology with BGP2013-07
Trivandrum, INRanking of machine learning algorithms based on the performa ...Robinson, R.R.R., Thomas, C.UCSD Network Telescope, Denial of Service Attacks2015-12
Karlsruhe, DEEstimating current-flow closeness centrality with a multigri ...Bergamini, E., Wegner, M., et al.Topology with BGP2016-07
Melbourne, AURobust synchronization of software clocks across the Interne ...Veitch, D., Babu, S., et al.Topology with Skitter2004-00
Guangzhou, CNSelf-similarity and heavy-tail of ICMP trafficLiu, W., Yan, Y., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2012-12
Belgrade, RSGraphical processing unit-based parallelization of the Open ...Dundjerski, D., Tomasevic, M.Topology with Skitter2014-02
Ljubljana, SIThe impact of network topology on the performance of MAP sel ...Vilhar, A., Novak, R., et al.Topology with BGP2010-05
Beijing, CNTumbler: Adaptable link access in the bots-infested InternetZhang, Y., Wang, X., et al.Topology with BGP2016-06
Buenos Aires, ARAn empirical comparison of botnet detection methodsGarcia, S., Grill, M., et al.UCSD Network Telescope2014-09
Aachen, DEMeasuring complexity and predictability in networks with mul ...Riihijarvi, J., Mahonen, P., et al.UCSD Network Telescope2009-04
Liege, BEA brief history of MPLS usage in IPv6Vanaubel, Y., Merindol, P., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2016-03
Delft, NLOn properties of multicast routing treesJanic, M., Van Mieghem, P.Topology with Skitter2005-11
Durham, NC, USImproving IP-based geo-location through Internet topology an ...Moses, K.V.Topology with BGP2013-00
Beijing, CNAnalysis of UDP traffic usage on internet backbone linksZhang, M., Dusi, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2009-09
Shenyang, CNAnalysis of Internet robustness in attacksXu, Y., Zhang, X.Topology with Archipelago2012-05
Minneapolis, MN, USOn properties of Internet Exchange Points and their impact o ...Xu, K., Duan, Z., et al.Topology with Skitter2004-04
Leuven, BERetouched Bloom filters: allowing networked applications to ...Donnet, B., Bayant, B., et al.Topology with Skitter2006-12
Stonybrook, NY, USThe politics of routing: Investigating the relationship betw ...Singh, R., Koo, H., et al.Topology with BGP2016-06
Brest, FRApplication-centric energy-efficient Ethernet with quality o ...Popescu, I.; Miyazaki, T.; Chino, M.; Wang, et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2015-07
Hebron, PSInternet scale DoS attacksKurar, B., Tahboub, R.Topology with BGP2015-08
Rennes, FRPTPv2-based network load estimation and its application to Q ...Frangoudis, P.A., Hadjadj-Aoul, Y., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2014-07
Redmond, WA, USSampling strategies for epidemic-style information dissemina ...Vojnovic, M., Gupta, V., et al.UCSD Network Telescope2007-04
Seoul, KRA Distributed Self-Organizing Map for DoS Attack DetectionKim, M., Jung, S., et al.Denial of Service Attacks, Anonymized Internet Traces2012-00
Hong Kong, CNPerformance evaluation and service rate provisioning for a q ...Chen, J., Addie, R.G., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2013-11
San Diego, CA, USDetecting evasion attacks at high speeds without reassemblyVarghese, G., Fingerhut, J., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2006-10
Ithaca, NY, USA study of prefix hijacking and interception in the internetBallani, H., Francis, P., et al.Topology with BGP2007-10
Washington DC, USAn empirical evaluation of relay selection in TorWacek, C., Tan, H., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2013-02
New York City, NY, USEnsemble-based model for DDoS attack detection and flash eve ...Bhatia, S.Denial of Service Attacks2016-12
Burlington, MA, USInter-domain rendezvous service architectureRajahalme, J., Sarela, M., et al.Topology with BGP2009-12
Minneapolis, MN, USForming Guard Sets using AS RelationshipsImani, M., Barton, A., et al.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2017
Cambridge, MA, USA new approach to dimensionality reduction for anomaly detec ...Huang, T., Sethu, H., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2016-06
Aachen, DEMetrics for characterizing complexity of network trafficRiihijarvi, J., Mahonen, P., et al.UCSD Network Telescope2008-06
Philadelphia, PA, USMoment-based spectral analysis of large-scale networks using ...Preciado, V.M., Jadbabaie, A.Topology with Skitter2013-04
Hanoi, VNOpenFlowSIA: An optimized protection scheme for software-def ...Phan, T., Toan, T., et al.Denial of Service Attacks, Anonymized Internet Traces2016-07
Champaign, IL, USReducing short flows' latency in the internetLi, Q.Topology with Archipelago, Topology with BGP2016-04
Rochester, NY, USSegmentation and model generation for large-scale cyber atta ...Strapp, S.UCSD Network Telescope2013-08
Rio de Janeiro, BRCaracterizacao e identificacao de papeis e vertices em redes ...Spinelli, L.P.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-08
New York, NY, USA SDN-Based Framework for Fine-Grained Inter-domain Routing ...Wang, Y., Bi, J., et al.Topology with BGP2017
Glasgow, UKCompact routing on the Internet AS-graphStrowes, S.D., Mooney, G., et al.Topology with BGP2011-06
Haifa, ILOptimal elephant flow detectionBasat, R., Einziger, G., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2017-15
Ithaca, NY, USTiming is everything: Accurate, minumum overhead, available ...Wang, H., Lee, K.S., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2014-11
Princeton, NJ, USOnline measurement of large traffic aggregates on commodity ...Jose, L., Yu, M., et al.Anonymized Internet Traces2011-03
Los Angeles, CA, USThe record route option is an option!Goodchild, B., Chiu, Y., et al.Topology with BGP2017-11
Marina Del Rey, CA, USSelecting representative IP addresses for internet topology ...Fan, X., Heidemann, J.Topology with Archipelago2010-11
Urbana, IL, USDefending Tor from network adversaries: A case study of netw ...Juen, J., Das, A., et al.Topology with Archipelago2014-10
Beijing, CNPreventing DDoS attacks by identifier/locator separation