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CAIDA Interactive - Overview of CAIDA Interactive Services

CAIDA offers a number of interactive services that provide interesting and insightful views of the data we collect and curate. These services allow a much broader community of users to become familiar with CAIDA data: to view annotated Internet data; to provide feedback on analysis and inference methods; to execute on-demand measurements; or to investigate or correlate to other data.

CAIDA Interactive Services

AS RankCAIDA's ranking of Autonomous Systems (AS) and organizations. This ranking is derived from Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing data collected by the Route Views Project and RIPE NCC.Public
DatCat CatalogAn Internet Measurement Data Catalog (IMDC), DatCat is a searchable registry of information about network measurement datasets. It serves the global network research community by allowing anyone to find, annotate, and cite data contributed by others, and allowing anyone to contribute new data collections. Unavailable/Offline
DDecDNS decoding (DDec) database that allows users and network operators to decode geographic information encoded in hostnames. Additionally it provides an an interface for operators to provide feedback and improve our Domain Name System (DNS) hostname-based router geolocation. Public
VelaOn-demand topology measurement service of CAIDA's Archipelago Measurement Infrastructure. Access limited to academic researchers.Restricted
BGPstatsVisual exploration of real-time and historical BGP data.Upcoming

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