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DOE SCiDAC Bandwidth Estimation Project: Presentations and Papers
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  • IEEE Network.
    R. Prasad, M. Murray, C. Dovrolis, and kc claffy. (2003). "Bandwidth estimation: metrics, measurement techniques, and tools" vol. Nov-Dec 2003.
  • PAM03, San Diego, CA, April, 2003 (.pdf format).
    Dovrolis, C., and A. Danalis. (2003). "ANEMOS: An Autonomous Network Monitoring System" to appear at PAM2003. April 2003.
  • Infocom, Alaska, January, 2001.
    Dovrolis, C., P. Ramanathan and D. Moore. (2001). "What do packet dispersion techniques measure?" in: Proceedings of Infocom. Alaska. April 2001.
  • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
    Dovrolis, C., P. Ramanathan and D. Moore. (2004). "Packet Dispersion Techniques and Capacity Estimation" IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Dec 2004
  • Passive and Active Network Measurement, 2005
    Shriram, A., Murray, M., Hyun, Y., Brownlee, N., Broido, A., Fomenkov, M. and claffy, k. " Comparison of Public End-to-End Bandwidth Estimation Tools on High-Speed Links", PAM 2005.


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