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Index of Courses
This repository contains synopses of Internet Engineering related university courses, categorized by academic level and topic. The index of courses is far from complete and is in constant expansion. Find out how to contribute to IEC! If you have many materials to contribute, they would be greatly appreciated.

The resources we point to are supplementary/companion websites for courses taught at universities - the lecture materials and homeworks/exams are available online as supplementary resources only. There are some classes however that do have video-lectures available online, though they would probably not replace a proper run-through of the course at the university.

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Table of Contents

  • Undergraduate - Undergraduate introductory, networking, and telecommunication courses
  • Undergraduate/Graduate - joint advanced undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Graduate - Graduate level networking and telecommunication courses
  • Other Courses - Online textbooks, short courses or tutorials, including non-university courses with relevant teaching materials

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