Computer Communications

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Course: 22C:178 / 055:134 : Computer Communications
Instructors: Ted Herman, Mark Andersland, Jon Kuhl
Department: Department of Computer Science
Institution: University of Iowa
Textbooks: L. Peterson & S. Davie, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
O. Kirch, Linux Network Administrator's Guide
Level: Senior Undergraduate / Graduate
Duration: 16 week semester (3 hours per week)
Prerequisites: Senior standing in CS or ECE; either 22S:039 or 22S:120 (Probability and Statistics)
Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall each year
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From Course Catalog:

"Networks, ISO model, network topology, communication of digital data, data link control; errors, error control; point-to-point networks, broadcast networks, local area networks; transport services; integrated service digital networks; internetworking; user services."

From the Instructor: (Herman)

"First textbook is Linux Network Administrator's Guide (first four weeks), then for remaining twelve weeks standard text (e.g. Peterson & Davie). Extensive laboratory component with exercises in network configuration, empirical bandwidth determination experiments, socket programming, UDP, TCP, HTTP, and concurrency."