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Textbooks: Other Texts
Textbooks that are not explicitly about computer networks, such as programming and API references, are listed below. If the course level (e.g. undergraduate, graduate) is in bold, then the textbook is required for the course. Otherwise, the textbook is recommended or optional for that course.
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Other texts:

Arnold, K and Gosling, J. The Java Programming Language. Addison-Wesley, 1997.

Castro, E. HTML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide. Peachpit Press, 1998.

  • Undergraduate - The Internet, Lehman College, Paul Prencis

Dodd, A. The Essential Guide to Telecommunications. Prentice Hall Trade, 1998.

Flanagan, D. Java in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference. O'Reilly, 1997.

Galla, P. et al. How the Internet Works. Que Corp, 1998.

  • Undergraduate - The Internet, Lehman College, Paul Prencis

Gates, B. The Road Ahead. Penguin USA, 1996.

Gouker, M et al. Windows 95 Win 32 Programming API Bible. Waite Group, 1996.

Heller, P et al. Java 1.1 Developer's Handbook, with CD-ROM. Sybex, 1997.

Jackson, J and McClellan, A. Java by Example, with CD-ROM. Prentice Hall, 1996.

Jain, R. The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling. John Wiley & Sons, 1991.

    Niemeyer, P and Peck, J. Exploring Java. O'Reilly, 1997.

    Simon, RJ. Windows 95 Multimedia & ODBC API Bible. Waite Group, 1996.

    Wall, L. Programming Perl. O'Reilly 1996.

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