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Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis
The National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research (NLANR)

Starting July 2006, CAIDA assumed operational stewardship for the National Laboratory for Advanced Network Research (NLANR) machines and data. The National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) Project has officially ended. The funding for the NLANR project expired June 30, 2006 and the National Science Foundation has no plans to continue support.

SDSC believes that a lot of the NLANR data and resources may still offer value to the network research and development community, and might help support other forms of research not envisioned in the original NLANR proposal. Since some of the equipment is too old to maintain, CAIDA will do a careful audit, gracefully decommission obsolete hardware and data, and attempt to apply the remaining resources to projects of similar intent and spirit. As we perform this audit, we will keep the community informed of any changes planned to operations of the machines at the sites. Hosting sites will have the prerogative at any time to decline participation in the reincarnation of any NLANR equipment at their site, but we hope sites will find our proposed use of sufficient relevance and merit to continue hosting a measurement platform.

If sites have questions or comments on these changes, or input regarding future measurement experiments, please send them to nlanr-info at

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