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Longitudinal study of Internet traffic from 1998-2003
M. Fomenkov, K. Keys, D. Moore, and k. claffy, "Longitudinal study of Internet traffic from 1998-2003", in Winter International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies (WISICT), Jan 2003, pp. 1--6.
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Longitudinal study of Internet traffic from 1998-2003

Marina Fomenkov
Ken Keys
David Moore
kc claffy

CAIDA, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego

There is growing interest in capturing and analyzing Internet traffic characteristics in pursuit of insights into its evolution. We present a study of one of the few sources of publically available long-term Internet traffic workload data, namely the NLANR PMA archive of packet header traces. Trace samples were collected at a number of academic, research, and commercial sites during years 1998-2003. We consider four metrics of traffic: bytes, packets, flows, and number of source-destination pairs. We also analyze the composition of traffic by protocol.

Keywords: passive data analysis
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