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New Approaches to Old Challenges with AS Traceroute
A. Dainotti, M. Luckie, A. King, A. Faggiani, C. Orsini, B. Huffaker, V. Giotsas, and k. claffy, "New Approaches to Old Challenges with AS Traceroute", Tech. rep., Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), Nov 2016.

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New Approaches to Old Challenges with AS Traceroute

Alberto Dainotti
Matthew Luckie
Alistair King
Adriano Faggiani
Chiara Orsini
Bradley Huffaker
Vasileios Giotsas
kc claffy

CAIDA, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego

We review the methodological challenges in the state-of-the-art capabilities for real-time inference of paths that packets travel across the Internet, at the granularity of network service providers, i.e., autonomous system, or ASes. AS path inferences based on control-plane (BGP) data lead to inaccuracies, so researchers have attempted to use traceroute-based inferences to mitigate these inaccuracies, although without a formal framework for doing so. In this work, we improve the state-of-the-art technology for inferring AS paths traversed by traceroute probes in three ways: (i) we introduce a framework to systematically evaluate when different approaches lead to wrong inferences; (ii) we present a methodology that by combining previous and novel inference heuristics yields better accuracy; (iii) we implement in a software tool this methodology and two other methodologies for comparative evaluation. We describe the process we used to construct AS-level paths, the set of heuristics we use to evaluate them, and the tool in which we implemented these heuristics. A more comprehensive evaluation and refinement of these heuristics is future work; we report on the current state of one of the most daunting unresolved measurement challenges on the Internet.

Keywords: active data analysis, measurement methodology, routing, software/tools, topology
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