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Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on cloud network performance
R. Mok and k. claffy, "Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on cloud network performance", in COVID-19 Network Impacts Workshop, Nov 2020.
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Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on cloud network performance

Ricky K. P. Mok
kc claffy

CAIDA, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego

In the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet is facing unprecedented surges of traffic induced by the use of cloud-based applications, such as online shopping, video conferencing, and video streaming. Measuring network performance between cloud platforms and access networks can shed light on the quality of experience (QoE) that end-users are perceiving in cloud-based applications. End users often use network throughput measurement (or speed measurement) services to understand their performance of their last-mile links. However, these test results are not representative of cloud-based application performance, because web speed test servers are usually located within access networks. To better understand the performance impact of congestion between cloud plat- forms and access ISPs, we developed the CLASP (CLoud-based Applications Speed measurement Platform) to conduct throughput measurements from speed test servers to clients in the cloud. These measurements are representative of a component of video conferencing: sending video (and audio) data from access networks to the cloud. We use a topology-aware approach to select a small set of test servers, such that our speed test measurements traverse interconnections to different networks.

Keywords: cloud measurements, covid-19, speed test
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