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Measurement Infrastructure Comparison
This table compares multiple aspects of public measurement infrastructures. It includes links to the measurement websites themselves. In addition, technical and administrative details specific to each project may be reach either by selecting the link for each project labeled 'more', or by selecting the 'Details' section from the pull-down menu below.

This list was compiled in 2004 and is no longer being maintained. This page is made available for historical purposes.

Public Measurement Infrastructure

ProjectFundingTarget Audience GoalsMeasurementAssociations
Active /
CAIDA CoralReefDARPA,NSFTraffic engineers, Internet research & analysispassiveWYes31moreNLANR, ISPs, vendors
I2(Abilene)UCAIDHigh-availability backbone for UCAID mbrsactive & passive(SNMP)WPYes121moreCA*net-2, DREN, ESnet, NORDUnet, NREN, SURFnet, vBNS
IEPM SLAC/DOENetwork support for HEP researchersactivePYes38+14moreNLANR, vBNS, I2(Abilene)
Mantra NSFInternet researchersMBGP routingPRYes17 mcast routersworld-widemoreCAIDA, UCSB
MAWIWIDE Project (Japanese research collaboration)Japanese networking research interestsPassivePWYes41moremany corporate sponsors
NIMINSF, DARPAScalable, Dynamic Global Internet measurement infrastructureactivePNo356+morevBNS, MINC
NLANR(MOAT) AMPNSF Traffic data collection for Internet researchactiveWPNo1183moreIEPM, NIMI, CAIDA
NLANR(MOAT) PMANSFTraffic data collection for Internet researchpassiveWPNo323moreCAIDA
NWSNSF,DARPA, DoDPACI high-performance application users and developersbothPYes~401moreAppLeS, Legion, Nexus, Globus, DOCT, Condor, NCSA, Ninf
PPNCGJANET, UKERNALook after networking interests of UK particle physics communityactivePNo23+moreAbilene, IEPM
member feesProvide Internet routing and performance measuresactive, passive(SNMP)TRNo4 collectors, ~45 peersEurope (routing= world-wide)moreCAIDA
CAIDA skitterDARPA, NSFGlobal Internet research & analysisactiveTPYes22world-widemoreNLANR, ISPs, vendors
SurveyorNSF, ANS, Inc.Track U.S. higher education Internet performanceactiveTPNo519moreCSG
TRIUMFNRC of CanadaLook after networking interests of Canadian particle physics communityactiveTPNo1n/amoreIEPM
U-Oregon Route ViewsU-Oregon Advanced Network Technology Center, CiscoReal-time info for Internet troubleshooting and researchpassive(SNMP) routingTRNo~40 peersworld-widemoreNLANR, CAIDA, ISPs
WANDPGSFStatistical and simulation models of Internet traffic, high quality archived traffic tracespassiveWYes43moreNLANR, CAIDA, RIPE

* Type KEY: T = Topology W = Workload P = Performance R = Routing

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