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Characterization of Internet traffic loads, segregated by application
We analyzed three independent data sources of Internet traffic. The goal was to determine the composition of traffic by application and trends in application use over time. Two of the sources (SDNAP, NLANR) provide more than one year of data. The oc48 traces are more recent but provide snapshots of traffic on a heavily used commodity backbone. Applications are inferred through port numbers. Those port numbers which cannot be directly mapped to an application are aggregated in various "unclassified" categories and typically represent a moderate percentage of traffic. Details regarding each data type can be found under the subcategories.
Traces from three NLANR sites (Continental US) for the period of 1998 - 2001NLANR data
One year of traces (of various granularities) from SDNAP (San Diego, CA)SDNAP data
Results from five recent traces sampled from a high-capacity backbone
(San Jose, California)
MFN OC48 data
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