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NeTraMet Examples: Real-time Observations of SDSC Commodity Internet
The following analysis projects were conducted as part of CAIDA's Metrics Working Group project. These are examples of real-time usage of a NeTraMet meter to monitor SDSC's commodity Internet OC3 link. The NeTraMet meter makes passive network measurements. All projects demonstrate NeTraMet data collection, analysis, and graphing capabilities.


  • Test NeTraMet meter performance.
  • Examine workload on SDSC's commodity Internet OC3 link

NeTraMet Configuration at SDSC

In order to collect data from an SDSC link, a NeTraMet meter was placed at the same location as CAIDA's existing SDSC commodity Internet CoralReef monitor, A passive splitter allows both the CoralReef monitor and the NeTraMet meter to monitor the same OC3 link. Both tools make passive network measurements, but the CoralReef monitor collects packets while the NeTraMet meter uses rulesets to aggregate flows from those packets. Rulesets from each project are available for study. Project examples also illustrate flow analysis and graphing capabilities of collected meter data as provided by NeTraMet utilities "NeMac" and "nifty". NeMac analyzes meter data for presentation by other graphing tools while nifty provides an interactive interface for both analyzing and graphing NeTraMet meter data.

NeTraMet Projects

Each project contains a Motivation section that describes the problem being addressed. The NeTraMet ruleset used in each project is available for study. Resulting graphs from each project are presented with a discussion of the analysis methods and implications.


This work was performed by Nevil Brownlee with the assistance of Ken Keys, Hans-Werner Braun, Evi Nemeth, and kc claffy. Nevil conducted these studies while on a CAIDAbattical in San Diego from January through June, 2000.

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