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CAIDA Services - Overview of CAIDA Data Interfaces and Services

CAIDA offers a number of data interfaces and services that provide interesting and insightful views of the data we collect and curate. These services allow a much broader community of users to become familiar with CAIDA data: to view annotated Internet data; to provide feedback on analysis and inference methods; to execute on-demand measurements; or to investigate or correlate to other data.

CAIDA Data Interfaces and Services

AS Rank / ASRank / ASR / ARank"Web, APIASRank is CAIDA's ranking of Autonomous Systems (AS) (which approximately map to Internet Service Providers) and organizations (Orgs) (which are a collection of one or more ASes). [slides] ASN organizations, degree, customer cone, rankingPublic
HI-CUBE / HICUBEWebHI-CUBE is a web-based prototype platform for processing, storing, investigating, and correlating diverse streams of large-scale Internet security-related data.securityRestricted
IODAWebIODA is a CAIDA project to develop an operational prototype system that monitors the Internet, in near-realtime, to identify macroscopic Internet outages affecting the edge of the network, i.e., significantly impacting an AS or a large fraction of a country.outages, darknetPublic
BGPStreamAPIBGPStream is an open-source software framework for live and historical BGP data analysis, supporting scientific research, operational monitoring, and post-event analysis.BGP traces, AS Paths, prefixesPublic
MANICWeb, APIThe MANIC project -- Measurement and Analysis of Interdomain Congestion -- has developed a prototype system to monitor interdomain links and their congestion state, in order to provide empirical grounding to debates related to interdomain congestion.congestion, interdomain links, IP linksRestricted
PeriscopeAPI (coming soon)Periscope is a unified interface to public looking glass servers.BGP traces, tracerouteUpcoming
VelaWeb, vela API,
aliasq API
Vela is an on-demand topology measurement service of CAIDA's Archipelago Measurement Infrastructure. Includes the Henya query system. Access limited to academic researchers.topology measurements, ping, traceroute, ArkRestricted

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