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CAIDA Tools - Overview of CAIDA Software Tools

The CAIDA Tools site contains a variety of internet measurement and visualization software as well as a taxonomy of available research and visualization tools.

CAIDA Supported Tools

The overview table below lists CAIDA supported tools and software.

The  colored header  in the table below indicates the field(s) the table is being sorted by. Click the header to change or toggle sorting order, and Shift+click headers to sort by multiple fields.

The rows are colored by the Type of tool they are: Alias Resolution tools | Topology tools | Traffic tools | BGP tools | Library tools | Visualization tools | Security tools

CoralReef (download)Ken KeysMeasures and analyzes passive Internet traffic monitor data20002019TrafficResearch-use License
Corsaro (github)Alistair King Extensible framework for large-scale analysis of passive trace data20122020TrafficResearch-use License
iffinder (download)Ken KeysDiscovers IPv4 addresses belonging to the same router (aliases) using the common source technique20012012IP Address Alias ResolutionResearch-use License
kapar (download)Ken KeysGraph-based IP alias resolution20112018IP Address Alias ResolutionGNU GPL v2+
libtimeseries (github)Alistair KingC library that provides a high-performance abstraction layer for efficiently writing to time series databases20162019Library: DatabaseBSD 2-Clause
MIDAR (download)Ken Keys and Young HyunIdentifies IPv4 addresses belonging to the same router (aliases) using shared monotonic IP ID counters20112018IP Address Alias ResolutionGNU GPL v2+
Motu (download)Alistair KingDealiases pairs of IPv4 addresses20112011IP Address Alias ResolutionGNU GPL v2+
BGPstream (download)Alistair KingOpen-source software framework for live and historical BGP data analysis, supporting scientific research, operational monitoring, and post-event analysis.20152019BGP Data AnalysisBSD 2-Clause
scamper (download)Matthew LuckieIPv6 and IPv4 active traceroute probing and ping20042019Topology and Performance MeasurementGNU GPL v2
Spoofer (download)Ken Keys, Ryan Koga, and Robert BeverlySource address validation measurement program that measures susceptibility to spoofed source address IP packets20052019SecurityGNU GPL v3+
ARTEMIS (download)Vasileios KotronisHijack detection within a single network20182019Security: Hijack DetectionBSD 3-Clause

Deprecated / Unsupported tools: We also maintain a list of tools are no longer in development and/or not (any longer) supported by CAIDA. Note that while CAIDA provides no technical support for these tools, some are active and may still be of use to some. See deprecated and unsupported tools.

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