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CAIDA Deprecated Tools - Unsupported Software Tools

There are a number of tools are no longer in development and/or not (any longer) supported by CAIDA. Note that while CAIDA provides no technical support for these tools, some are active and may still be of use to some.

To see current CAIDA tools, see CAIDA Tools - Overview of CAIDA Software Tools.

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Unsupported Tools

The following tools are no longer in development and/or not (any longer) supported by CAIDA. Note that while CAIDA provides no technical support for these tools, some may still be of use to some. These tools are listed here for historical and archival purposes.

The  colored header  in the table below indicates the field(s) the table is being sorted by. Click the header to change or toggle sorting order, and Shift+click headers to sort by multiple fields.

The rows are colored by the Type of tool they are: Alias Resolution tools | Topology tools | Traffic tools | BGP tools | Library tools | Visualization tools | Security tools

cflowd (download)Daniel McRobbFormer NetFlow analysis tool19982000TrafficGNU GPL v2
GeoPlot (download)Ram PeriakaruppanGeographically plots nodes and links19991999Visualization: TopologyResearch-use License
GTrace (download)Ram PeriakaruppanGeographical front-end to traceroute19991999Visualization: TopologyResearch-use License
MapNet (download)Bradley HuffakerHistorical visualization of international backbone providers19972002Visualization: TopologyGNU GPL v2
NetGeo (download)Bradley HuffakerMaps IPs and AS numbers to geographical locations19991999Geographic: DataResearch-use License
NeTraMet (download)Nevil BrownleeRealtime traffic flow measurement.20032007Workload: Measurement AnalysisGNU GPL v2
Plankton (download)Bradley HuffakerHistorical visualization of international cache topology19981998Visualization: TopologyGNU GPL v2
skitter (not available for download)Daniel McRobbReads in destinations and outputs traceroute paths. Deprecated by Archipelago19982008Topology: MeasurementResearch-use License
FlowScan (download)Dave PlonkaGraphs IP flow data for a view of network border traffic20012004Visualization: TrafficGNU GPL v2
dnstop (download)Duane WesselsMeasures and displays tables of DNS network traffic20022002DNS TrafficNew BSD License
dsc (download)Duane WesselsCollects and displays statistics from DNS servers20072010DNS TrafficNew BSD License
Autofocus (download)Cristian EstanInternet traffic reports and time-series graphs20032003TrafficResearch-use License
Beluga (not available for download)Ryan KogaInteractive frontend to traceroute data20022006Visualization: Topology/PerformanceResearch-use License
Chart:Graph (download)David MoorePerl front-end to GNU plot and Xmgrace20062013VisualizationGNU GPL v2
Cuttlefish (download)Bradley HuffakerProduces animated graphs showing diurnal and geographical patterns20062006Visualization: TrafficGNU GPL v2
DBATS (download)Ken KeysHigh performance time series database engine optimized for inserting/updating values for many series simultaneously. Deprecated in favor of InfluxDB20162016Database LibraryGNU GPL v2+
dnsstat (download)Ken KeysDNS traffic measurement utility19992006DNS TrafficResearch-use License
Hyperbolic Graph Generator (download)Chiara OrsiniA set of tools to generate synthetic graphs embedded into a hyperbolic space and to test the greedy routing20142014TopologyGNU GPL v3
Otter (download)Bradley HuffakerVisualizes arbitrary network data19982003Visualization: TopologyGNU GPL v2
plot-latlong (download)Young HyunPlots points on geographic maps20032005GeographicResearch-use License
PlotPaths (download)Bradley HuffakerDisplays forward traceroute path data20012002Visualization: TopologyResearch-use License
RouterToAsAssignment (download)Ken KeysAssigns each router from a router-level graph of the Internet to its Autonomous System (AS). Deprecated by bdrmapit.20102010TopologyResearch-use License
straightenRV (download)Patrick VerkaikParses and processes Route Views tables for ease of analysis20022009Topology: Data AnalysisResearch-use License
topostats (download)Young HyunComputes various statistics on network topologies20102010TopologyGNU GPL v3
Walrus (download)Young HyunVisualizes large graphs in three-dimensional space20012005Visualization: TopologyGNU GPL v2

In 2004, CAIDA collected information on availability of Internet and TCP/IP measurement tools as well as network visualization resources. Tools were categorized with respect to their intent in an Internet Tools Taxonomy, kept available for historical purposes.

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