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Monitoring the Multicast With a Geographic Prespective
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The following links lead to preliminary results from our attempts at visualizing the geographic locations of various components of the multicast infrastructure. We use NetGeo for mapping IP addresses and net-blocks to their corresponding lat-long values. The results are visualized using GeoPlot.

Disclaimer:whois lookups do not always give the best/correct location information, so the results displayed here are not 100% accurate. The work is under progress to improve the accuracy.

Note: The results displayed here are not updated regularly. All the visualizations presented below depict the snapshot of multicast infrastructure as seen on 1st of November from the point of view of FIXW-MBONE.

Following are the links to interactive Java-Applets displaying the geographic placements of various components on a world map. Static images displaying the screenshots of the same are available here.

Comments and Suggestions: prash@caida.org

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