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Visualization of the MBGP Topology
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MBGP has lately emerged as a major interdomain routing protocol for multicast. The fact, that the stability and the optimality of MBGP topology directly affects the proper functioning of the multicast infrastructure, has made efficient monitoring of this topology very important. This page is a result of some of our efforts in this direction and presents visualizations of the MBGP topology. A more detailed analysis of the multicast routing, including MBGP, is available at MBGP Monitor page. Following is a list of the topology views available here.

Current Interactive Views:
  • Current *Global* View
    An aggregate view of the MBGP topology obtained by merging different snapshots of the topology as seen from the routers that we are collecting data from.

  • Current View from the Individual Routers
    Links to the latest views of the topology from the point of view of some the important routers in the multicast Internet. These visualizations also depict the information related to traffic flow, MSDP announcements, route characteristics etc.

Some Interesting Static Snapshots:
  • Temporal Changes
    Passive analysis and visualization of the changes in the MBGP topology over time.

  • vBNS
    A map of and the analysis related to that portion of the topology, which is accessible via VBNS.

  • BGP vs. MBGP
    An attempt (rather messy though) to overlay the MBGP and the BGP topologies on the same topology map.

  • Monstrous MAPS
    A collection of more than A4*5 size maps of various topology views.


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