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Multicast Measurement Tools Taxonomy
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This section concerns multicast tools. A summary is provided along with web page pointers to more detailed information. Review comments are also included when available.

This listing has not been actively maintained since 2004. These pages are made available for historical purposes.

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Multicast Tools

  Active /
MantraRouterpassivetraffic, route, session, topologyweb pages
MhealthRTCP-Data, mtraceactivetraffic, route, session, location, duration, frequency of data lossfiles, GUI
MlistenSession Announcements, RTCP dataactivesession: join and leave stats, connection time characteristics, mcast tree size and characteristics files, GUI
MroutedIGMPactivetraffic, routetext
Mtracemulticast router traces, IGMP ext.activetraffic, route, loss rates along links, mcast pkts/hop/sectext
Multicast Beaconpacketsbothmulticast session, trafficAccess Grid
MultiMONTCPdumppassivetraffic, routeGUI
RMRoute Updatespassivetraffic, route, rates route stabilityfiles
RTPmonRTCP datapassivetraffic, routeGUI
SDR-Monitorsdr-cache datapassivesessionfiles, GUI
SMSession Announcements, RTCP datapassivetraffic, route, sessionGUI
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