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Routing Measurement Tools Taxonomy
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This section concerns tools for analyzing and visualizing Internet routing. A summary is provided along with web page pointers to more detailed information. Review comments are also included when available.

This listing has not been actively maintained since 2004. These pages are made available for historical purposes.

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Router Measurements

  Active /
AS Peering AnalysisGlobal BGP routespassiveAS reports, AS rankingpeering analysis report (web pages)
BGP ToolkitGlobal BGP routespassiveBGP config and peering filtersCisco fixed filter configurations
LinkRankBGPpassivevisualizing BGP routing changesjava client
looking glassIP addresspassiveaccess-list, bgp, bgp summary, dampened-paths, environmental, flag-statistics, mroute summary, ping, traceweb pages
rancidRouter config file maintenance toolpassivefind diffs in router configs email of diffs
Route Explorerpassive, listen only BGP peeringpassiveBGP RIB visualization, full BGP event history, before and after RIB comparison, Event stream root cause analysis in tabular and animationGUI
Route Viewsviews from multiple service providerspassivedetermine how global routing system views prefix(es)various
SP Guru Network PlannerRMON probes, packet traces, direct capture, configuration files, network management data, SNMPpassivefuture traffic projection and right sizing of links and tunnels to meet service level objectives; automated off-line MPLS traffic engineering; network survivability analysis; validation of the impact of configuration changes; evaluation of "what-if" scenarios in a virtual network environment; multi-layer analysis and planning for IP/MPLS over DWDM networks; automated IPv6 readiness assessmentGUI, graphs, charts, web reports
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