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Workload Measurement Tools Taxonomy
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This section concerns tools for measuring Internet workload. A summary is provided along with web page pointers to more detailed information. Review comments are also included when available.

This listing has not been actively maintained since 2004. These pages are made available for historical purposes.

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Packet Analyzers (Hardware)

  Active /
HP/Agilent AdvisorLAN or WANbothcurrent and peak bandwidth utilization; rtt, pkt loss, traffic generationraw data for HP/Agilent software
InMon sFlow Probe1000Base-SXbothflow measurement Cisco NetFlow v5/ InMon sFlow
LinkView10BaseT, 100BaseTxbothbandwidth dist, frame dist, err pkt dist, wire-speed traffic generator, graphical topology, protocol dist (350+)Report Wizard
Shomiti Explorer10/100/Giga Ethernetpassivepkt captureraw data flow
Sniffer Pro10/100 Ether LAN; GigaEther; ATM; Packet over SONETbothpkt capture, bandwidth utilization, protocol utilization, pkt and frame errs, traffic generation, GUI

Packet Analyzers (Software)

  Active /
AppTransaction Xpertpacket tracespassivehundreds of protocol and transaction level decodes; intuitive, graphical diagrams for visualizing application behavior; application response time predictions in virtual environments; continuous capture capability for analysis of intermittent application problems; powerful .whiteboard. environment for architecting and validating modifications to application-layer logic and behaviorGUI, graphs, charts, web reports
EtherPeekEthernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet NIC (Windows 95/98/NT)bothpkt capture, utilization by node and protocol, pkt filters, pkt generation, event triggers, plug-ins GUI, HTML for stats
ettercapswitched LANpassive with some active commandssniff traffic on a selected connection; dissect protocols; collect passwords; fingerprint OS; kill a connectiontext (black and white) or ncurses (color)
hpingICMP echo; TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocolsactiveTCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer; firewall testing; advanced port scanning; network testing;using different protocols, TOS, fragmentation; manual path MTU discovery; advanced traceroute, under all the supported protocols; remote OS fingerprinting; remote uptime guessing; TCP/IP stacks auditing text
LanExplorerEthernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet NIC (Windows 95/98/NT)passivepkt capture, bandwidth utilization, protocol dist, packet size dist, protocol analysisGUI
LANQuest Net/WRxIP, Ethernet, GigaEther, Token ring, FDDIbothbandwidth util, latency, pkt resends, data lossGUI
LAN traffic monitor - RT10/100/1G ethernet packetspassiveMAC/IP/protocol node/conversation matrix tablesrealtime telnet terminal output
Shomiti Surveyor10/100/1000 Ethernet; 4/16 Token Ringboth7-layer analysisGUI
Sniffer Basic10/100 Ether LAN; 4/16 token ring bothpkt capture, bandwidth utilization, protocol utilization, pkt and frame errs, traffic generation, GUI
Wiresharkethernet, FDDI, PPP, token-ring, X.25, IP over ATM, tcpdump (libpcap), various pkt analyzerspassiveprotocol distributionUnix GUI, or TTY-mode

Traffic Monitors/Analyzers

  Active /
AppResponse Xpertpacket data, NetFlowpassive24x7 appliance-based application performance monitoring; automatic application discovery and classification by user-defined application and business groups; point-and-click guided work flows to diagnose and troubleshoot application performance issues; advanced live and historical analysis; real-time VoIP performance management; NetFlow data collection to extend visibility into network capacity GUI, graphs, charts, web reports
arguspkt capture files, data from a live interfacepassiveconnectivity, capacity, demand, loss, delay, jitter, performancetext (log files)
cflowdflow-export data from one or more Cisco/Juniper routerspassive flow analysis, performancetabular summaries
CoralReefpacket trace files, network interface, or specialized ATM or POS capture devicepassivetraffic flow analysis, workload characterizationboth static and dynamic reports
Crickettime-series datapassivetraffic analyzerweb GUI
flow-toolsNetFlowpassivetraffic analyzercommand-line tools
InMon Traffic Serverflow-export data from one or more Cisco routers; sFlow data from probes, switches and routerspassiveflow analysis, performanceweb
ntopCisco NetFlow/Juniper sFlowpassivesorts network traffic by protocol, statistics, host/IP identification, subnets, usage by protocol, flow analysis, performancestores stats in RRD, HTML reports
NetFlowflow-export data from one or more Cisco routerspassiveflow analysis, performanceraw flow data
pipechardestination name or IP addressactiveRound trip time (RTT) to each measured node. Possible capacity of a node if that node load is low; or congestion degree if that node load is high.text
Orcatext filespassiveperiodic plots and distributionsHTML, PNG files

SNMP Network Management Systems

  Active /
Compaq TeMIPSNMP, Q3/CMIP, CORBA over leased lines, ATM, Sonet/SDH passivetraffic monitor; performance mgmt; workflow char; mapping serviceGUI or web pages
NeTraMetSNMPpassivetraffic flow accounting meter; xfr rate dist; pkt size dist; protocol dist; turnaround time distGUI
RTGSNMPpassivehigh-performance SNMP statistics monitoringdatabase, text, web pages
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