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Henya is CAIDA's large-scale Internet topology query system which provides remote search of traceroute data without requiring data downloads. Henya includes built-in analyses and visualizations for commonly occuring needs, and is intended to be responsive enough for interactive data exploration.

Request early access to beta version

We encourage researchers who have questions that they believe Henya can help answer to fill out a Vela account request form for early access. Early access users should understand that Henya currently queries a subset of our total topology dataset. We hope early access users will help us test and evaluate Henya and provide suggestions and feedback for improvement.

Vela/Henya web interface to topology measurements and data

Currently, Henya can only be accessed via the Vela web interface. (We are currently limiting access to the Vela web interface to academic researchers. We hope to provide access to network operators in the future.) Below we show an example from of the Henya query interface where a user wants to query for target IP addresses from a /16 address block during January and February 2016 from one of our Ark vantage points hosted in the Netherlands.

Henya Topology Queries

Henya allows multiple forms of topology queries.

  • find occurrences of traceroute path elements
  • <<targets>> = IP addresses, prefixes, ASes, or countries
  • Queries:
    • traceroutes toward <<targets>>
    • traceroutes containing one or more <<targets>>
  • Parameters:
    • measurement vantage points
    • data collection time periods
    • position of <<targets>> in path
    • hop distance between sets of <<targets>>


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