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IEC Summer Workshop 2000 - Online Registration

IEC Workshop
Online Registration

CAIDA's IEC Networking Workshop, June 26-30, 2000

San Diego Supercomputer Center - La Jolla, CA

Workshop registration is closed.

This second IEC workshop has been expanded to 5 days. Some two day classes are independent (i.e. Routing and TCP); if you have the background material, you can easily take the second day without taking the first day. However, the NS two day course is sequential and you must sign up for both days.

MulticastNet Prog.Routing IRouting IIWeb Analysis
 ITL (evening)   

Class size is limited. As classes fill up we will be screening applicants and give first priority to faculty about to teach networking for the first or second time. We will confirm your registration by email.

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).   

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*Workshop  There are parallel tracks, so you cannot select two classes that meet at the same time.
(i.e. if you register for TCP I then you can't take Multicast) The NS course must be taken sequentially.

Select the track(s) you wish to attend.
More detailed abstracts of the courses will be posted as they become available.

Monday June 26

TCP I. Intro to the TCP protocol. tcptrace tool for exploring TCP. With labs.
Jamshid Mahdavi (Novell), Shawn Ostermann (Ohio University)

Multicast. Multicast tools and routing. With labs.
Bill Fenner (AT&T Labs)
Tuesday June 27

TCP II. Advanced TCP algorithms, performance tuning, current trends. With labs.
Jamshid Mahdavi (Novell)

Network Programming. Basic socket interface client/server programming. Sun RPC mechanism. With labs.
Shawn Ostermann (Ohio University)


ITL (evening). Setup, labs, curriculum development. Includes round table discussion with router experts present to sanity check, lab exercises, brainstorming. Evening class open to all registrants.
Jorg Lieberherr (University of Virginia)

Wednesday June 28

NS I. Using the NS network simulator in teaching and research. With labs.
John Heidemann, Nader Salehi, Haobo Yu (ISI at USC)

Routing I. The IP Protocol, addressing, routing on LANs and WANs. No lab.
Evi Nemeth (University of Colorado and CAIDA) and George Varghese (UCSD)

Thursday June 29
NS II. Continuation of NS I. With labs.
John Heidemann, Nader Salehi, Haobo Yu (ISI at USC)
Routing II. Routing protocols in the real Internet, with hands on labs using Cisco routers. With labs.
Bill Woodcock (Zocalo)
Friday June 30

Traffic Analysis. Passive and active analysis of network traffic. Tools for analysis visualizations of the data in a myriad of ways. With labs.
kc claffy, David Moore(CAIDA), Tony McGregor (University of Waikato)

Web Analysis. Web tracing and analysis including the tools available and types of traces possible. With labs.
Geoff Voelker (UCSD)

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Have you used the web site in reviewing or revising your networking curriculum?
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Have you completed an IEC Survey for your networking curriculum? If not please do so.

Please feel free to give us any comments on the workshop or our registration form here.

Workshop registration is closed.
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