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Archipelago (Ark): CAIDA's active measurement infrastructure serving the network research community since 2007.

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St. Petersburg, RU (2)

Time range2020-10-17 03:40 to 12:22 UTC (9 hours) (2 days ago)
Total traces178500
Traces with responding destinations0 (0.000%)
ASes with responding destinations0 (0.000% out of 12380)
Prefixes with responding destinations0 (0.000% out of 61628)
Protocol versionv4
Generated for cycle 8858 on 2020-10-19 11:00 UTC

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Path Dispersion

The paths taken by different traces show where the majority of a monitor's traffic travels.

Path Length Distributions

Path length distributions show, on aggregate, how well-connected a monitor is to the rest of the Internet.