Archipelago Monitor Statistics

Statistical information for the topology traces taken by Ark monitors is displayed here for each individual monitor. Summary graphs for all monitors are also available. You can read the overview for more information.

Global Statistics

These graphs give an at-a-glance view of the path length and RTT ranges of all the Ark monitors participating in the collection of the IPv4 Routed /24 Topology Dataset. The thumbnails link to the summary statistics page for all the monitors.

[Path Lengths image] [AS Path Lengths image] [RTTs image]

Individual Monitor Statistics

This is the list of Ark monitors that are participating in the collection of the IPv4 Routed /24 Topology Dataset. Each monitor name links to a page showing numerical and graphical statistics about that specific monitor. The monitor list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.


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Additional Content

Overview of Archipelago monitor statistics pages

Top-level pages The main statistics page has links to information about Ark monitors, via monitor-specific pages and also a summary page for all monitors. The summary page shows graphs comparing aggregate results across all Ark monitors. Monitor-specific pages Each monitor has its own page which shows information about its last cycle of Ark probes. The graphs all link to a page with a larger version of themselves and more explanatory text.

Summary statistics for all Archipelago monitors

Graphs show the quartile values of RTT and path length found by each Ark monitor for their most recent cycle of topology probing.

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