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Projects and Infrastructure
To press forward its mission of promoting the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable Internet, CAIDA focuses its resources on various projects and areas of strategic interest. These pages document the plans and status for these projects. Please contact if you have questions or comments about specific projects.

Projects and Infrastructure

  • Archipelago Measurement Infrastructure (Ark)
    Archipelago (Ark for short) is CAIDA's next-generation active measurement infrastructure and represents an evolution of the skitter infrastructure.
  • Macroscopic Topology Project
    Active measurement of connectivity and latency data for a wide cross-section of the commodity Internet.
  • Cybersecurity
    The Cybersecurity project proposes to develop and implement new measurement and data collection technologies to understand and protect essential U.S. informational infrastructure.
  • Spoofer
    Measuring the Internet's susceptibility to spoofed source address IP packets, we generate a summary report on the current "state" of Internet IP source address spoofing/filtering using data from an active measurement tool.
  • Network Telescope
    Monitoring of traffic through network telescopes, or portions of routed IP address space on which little or no legitimate traffic exists.
    The Information Marketplace for Policy and Analysis of Cyber-risk & Trust (IMPACT) project provides vetted researchers with current network operational data.
  • IODA : Detection and analysis of large-scale Internet infrastructure outages
    Developing an operational prototype system that monitors the Internet, in near-realtime, to identify macroscopic Internet outages affecting the edge of the network, i.e., significantly impacting an AS or a large fraction of a country.
  • Named Data Networking Next Phase (NDN-NP)
    Named Data Networking is a proposed Internet architecture that replaces IP with a network layer that routes directly on content names.
  • IMDC (DatCat)
    The Internet Measurement Data Catalog, a database to systematize distributed repositories and archives of Internet data and tools.

Past Projects and Infrastructure

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