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IEC - Internet Engineering Curriculum Repository

The Internet Engineering Curriculum Repository (IEC) is a project of CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) to help educators and others interested in Internet technology keep up with developments in the field.

Funding to maintain the IEC project ended in 2002. These pages are no longer maintained, and are provided for historical purposes.


IEC Projects

· About IEC
· Courses
   · Index of Courses
   · Textbooks
· Traffic Analysis CD (ITL)
   · CAIDA Traffic Analysis Teaching CD (2002)
· Internet Teaching Labs (ITL)
   · About the ITL Project
· Resources
   · Internet RFCs (Request for Comments)
   · Internetworking Terms and Acronyms (CISCO)
   · Source Code
   · Teaching Resources in Other Languages
   · Other References
· Workshops
   · IEC Networking Workshops
   · ITL Summer Workshop
· Participation
   · People and Contributors
   · IEC Networking Survey

Advisory Board
Robert Aiken, Cisco
Steve Bellovin, ATT Research
Scott Bradner, Harvard
Randy Bush, Verio
John Connolly, Univ. Kentucky
Jon Crowcroft, Univ. College London
Jim Kurose, U Massachusetts
Rick Wilder, BroadBand Office

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