Report a publication using CAIDA data

CAIDA data users have agreed to an Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) to notify CAIDA when they make a publication using CAIDA data. Please tell us about your publications.

We maintain a list of publications that used CAIDA data; Tell us about your publication at or by completing the form below.

The information we need is:

  • Title
  • URL/DOI where a PDF of the abstract/paper can be downloaded
  • Venue where it was published: Booktitle (for proceedings), Journal (for articles), Institution (for tech reports)
  • Authors
  • Year and month
  • CAIDA dataset used

We encourage people to let us know about any type of publication using CAIDA data, including websites, class projects and presentations.

Report your publication:

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Publication details
Conference name (for workshops/conferences/in proceedings), Journal name (for articles), or Institution (for tech reports)
Enter the list of authors, full names preferred.
List all CAIDA datasets used in the publication.
Paper keywords/tags used for indexing.
List any other related CAIDA software, papers, presentations for cross-listing to make this paper more discoverable in the catalog.
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