Correlating Heterogeneous Measurement Data to Achieve System-Level Analysis of Internet Traffic Trends

This page describes CAIDA and related activities in Trends project started in 2002. Our goal is to create and populate the Internet Measurement Data Catalog (IMDC) that will facilitate access, archiving, and long-term storage of Internet data as well as sharing the data among Internet researchers.

We also continue to collect and analyze diverse sets of Internet data in order to define requirements for future, more coherent and robust measurements.

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Correlating Heterogeneous Measurement Data to Achieve System-Level Analysis of Internet Traffic Trends

As it grows, the Internet is becoming more fragile in many ways. The complexity in managing or repairing damage to the system can only be navigated with sustained understanding of the evolving commercial Internet infrastructure. The research and tools proposed under this effort lead to such insights. In particular, richer access to data will facilitate development of tools for navigation, analysis, and correlated visualization of massive network data sets and path specific performance and routing data that are critical to advancing both research and operational efforts. We also expect to be able to offer suggestions to ISPs and routing vendors with respect to what instrumentation within the router would facilitate diagnosing and fixing problems in [closer to] real-time. Finally, this research has obvious relevance to public policy and regulatory questions regarding concentration of administration of Internet infrastructure. Trends Home Project Proposal IMDC Description

Internet Measurement Data Catalog (IMDC)

Internet data remains one of the basic components of computer science network research. Despite its necessity, available data is limited by legal, social, and technical constraints on its collection and distribution. Thus, optimal distribution of knowledge about available data is a valuable service to the research community. To this end, CAIDA developed the Internet Measurement Data Catalog to: facilitate searching for and sharing of data among researchers enhance documentation of datasets via a public annotation system advance network science by promoting reproducible research

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