Archipelago Monitor Statistics

Archipelago (Ark): CAIDA's active measurement infrastructure serving the network research community since 2007.
Statistical information for the topology traces taken by this individual Ark monitor is displayed below. See the main statistics page for the full list of monitors

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Hong Kong, CN (3)
IPv4 data used (switch to IPv6)
Time range2023-05-19 18:55 to 2023-05-20 07:11 UTC (12 hours) (7 days ago)
Total traces151500
Traces with responding destinations18461 (12.185%)
ASes with responding destinations2328 (20.163% out of 11546)
Prefixes with responding destinations10018 (17.773% out of 56365)
Protocol versionv4 (switch to v6)
Generated for cycle 10667 on 2023-05-21 13:00 UTC

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Median RTT per country and US state

Mapping RTT by political boundaries can reveal where high latency issues are located.

Path Dispersion

The paths taken by different traces show where the majority of a monitor's traffic travels.

Path Length Distributions

Path length distributions show, on aggregate, how well-connected a monitor is to the rest of the Internet.