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iLENS-NP - Internet Laboratory for Empirical Network Science: Next Phase
Sponsored by:
National Science Foundation (NSF)
The focus of this project is on achieving greater involvement from a broader cross-section of the network research community in using the Ark infrastructure and the data products it enables.

Funding source: NSF CNS-1513283. Period of performance: August 15, 2015 - July 31, 2019.

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Project Summary

The opacity of the Internet infrastructure limits the capability of research and development efforts to model network behavior and topology, design protocols and/or new architectures, and study real-world properties such as robustness, resilience, and economics. Overcoming these limitations is impossible without realistic and representative datasets, and measurement infrastructure on which to support sustained longitudinal measurements as well as new experiments.

With previous CRI (and DHS) funding we have designed, implemented, deployed, and operated a secure measurement platform, Archipelago (Ark), that supports large-scale active measurement studies of the global Internet. Since 2007 Archipelago has gathered the largest set of network topology data used for a broad spectrum of scientific research, from physics to biology, from infrastructure vulnerability assessments to theory of complex networks.

Now we propose four infrastructure development tasks aimed to lower the barrier to using the infrastructure and its data products that we curate:
  • Deploy a new hardware architecture that expands the scale and manageability of the infrastructure
  • Integrate recent measurement technology advances to enable fundamentally new scientific experiments and data sets
  • Upgrade the functionality of our measurement-on-demand web interface to the Ark platform to enable richer scheduling of more complex measurements
  • Create a new interface for browsing, querying, and visualizing the data gathered.

Improving data curation and implementing a user-friendly web-based interface to the data products require significant software and systems experience, resources, and domain knowledge, and it is exactly the sort of activity researchers do not have resources to do themselves. The results of our project will support CISE research by enabling new data products that are more compelling than before to a wide range of Internet and network research disciplines: from empirical assessments of global Internet security and stability vulnerabilities, to scientific modeling and mapping of complex networks, to retrospective and prospective studies of network architecture evolution.

SubtaskDescriptionProjected TimelineStatus
Task 1: Expanding Ark infrastructureongoing, every year
1.1Acquire 50-60 Raspberry Pi's (30-40 in Year 3), prepare for deploymentongoing
1.2Identify and attract new hosting sitesongoing
1.3Deliver monitors to hosting sites, help deploying if necessaryongoing
1.4Replace obsolete or failing monitorsongoing
1.5Acquire and put in production new Ark compute serverYear 1, Q2done
1.6Enable remote management of Ark monitorsongoing
Task 2: Integrating recent measurement and analysis advances into ArkYears 1 & 2
2.1Deploy prefixscan measurement technique to identify third-party artifact addresses in traceroutesdone
2.2Infer AS peering links across IX address spaceYear 1, Q3done
2.3Improve techniques to infer router ownership, operationalize it into ITDKYear 2, Q1done
Task 3: Developing user-friendly interface for conducting measurementsYears 2 & 3
3.1Enable triggered probing on demand (i.e., for IODA)Year 2, Q2done
3.2Develop interface to additional scamper measurement capabilities: MDA tracerouteYear 2, Q2done
3.3Implement a new visualization mode highlighting incongruities between AS paths derived from BGP and traceroutesYear 3done
3.4Improve an interactive web interface to Vela based on users' experience and feedbackYear 3done
Task 4: Developing rich interface for browsing and querying collected dataYears 1, 2, 3
4.1Develop prototype interface for browsing collected dataYear 1done
4.2Develop prototype interface for querying collected dataYear 2done
4.3Improve interactive access to collected data based on users' experience and feedbackYear 3ongoing
Task 5: Communal and collaborative activitiesongoing
5.1Produce new ITDKsevery 3 to 6 monthsdone
5.2Organize AIMS workshop and publish reportevery year2016, 2017
5.3Support researchers using Ark, collect and answer their feedbackongoing
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