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CAIDA Workshops
CAIDA has hosted and will continue to host a number of workshops on various networking related topics. This page lists pointers to the CAIDA-affiliated workshop information as it becomes available.

Past CAIDA workshops are linked to from the Workshops Archive and still made available for historical purposes.


WIE 2014: 5th Workshop on Internet EconomicsDecember 10-11, 2014WIE

Past Workshops

IMAPS: Network OutagesOctober 1, 2014NDN
NDNcomm 2014: NDN Community MeetingSeptember 4-5, 2014NDN
Mini-Workshop on Topology, BGP and Traceroute DataMay 22-23, 2014CAIDA
CREDS II: Cyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy WorkshopMay 17, 2014CREDS
AIMS 2014: Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsMarch 26-27, 2014AIMS
WIE 2013: 4th Workshop on Internet Economics: Economic health of the Internet ecosystemDecember 12-13, 2013WIE
4th NDN RetreatNovember 12-13, 2013NDN
DANCES: UCSD Complex Network Seminar - Different Angles on Network Complexity, Engineering, and ScienceOct 2010 - Oct 2013DANCES
NetGeo: Network Geometry WorkshopJuly 29 - Aug 2, 2013NetGeo
CREDS: Cyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy WorkshopMay 23, 2013CREDS
AIMS-5: ISMA - 5th Workshop on Active Internet MeasurementsFebruary 6-8, 2013ISMA / AIMS
...see more workshops in the Workshops Archivearchivearchive

Recent Workshop Series

CREDSCyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy Workshops
IMAPSInternet Measurement And Political Science Workshops
ISMA / AIMSInternet Statistics and Metrics Analysis Workshops / Workshop on Active Internet Measurements
DUSTDarkspace and UnSolicited Traffic Analysis Workshops
CAIDA-WIDE-CASFICollaboration with WIDE (a Japanese research consortium) and CASFI (a South Korean research group).
DANCESUCSD Complex Network Seminar - Different Angles on Network Complexity, Engineering, and Science (DANCES)
WIEWorkshops on Internet Economics
Collaborative WorkshopsOther workshops held in collaboration with other groups and agencies
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