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Network Visualization Resources


ISMA: Network Visualization Workshop - 4/99



Networking related visualization efforts


    CAIDA is developing a number tools for Internet data visualization and analysis, including collection, analysis, and display of data through passive (CoralReef) and active (skitter) measurement efforts.

    CAIDA's Internet Atlas project aims to develop techniques, software, and protocols for mapping the Internet. The project combines a research effort with a large-scale engineering and publishing effort.

Non-networking related visualization efforts

(may have some insights for network viz needs)
  • The Terminal Airspace Visualization Tool (TAVT)

    A software package developed by the Center For Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD) under The MITRE Corporation, for constructing, modifying, and displaying the complex terminal airspace in three dimensions, designed specifically for the air traffic control application.

    Although TAVT was developed as a proof-of-concept prototype that was never intended for field implementation, it has been used successfully in several airspace design projects to provide valuable insights.

    (think this is an old tool, no longer used/supported - heard there is a working tool called 'wavetronics' or something that replaced it - couldnt find any further info at this time)

  • Visualizing Complex Systems paper

    Overview of visualization techniques used/explored in the electric power industry, for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Journal ( ).

    The complexity of modern power systems has necessitated an increasing degree of computer assistance to ensure efficient and dependable operation. But while the machines are able to process and deliver more data more quickly than ever, the sheer bulk of numerical detail can be overwhelming for an operator trying to make the best decisions in a timely manner. Visualization techniques that help people see patterns and deviations can enable operators to grasp the big picture more intuitively and get to the nub of a problem quickly.

Other visualization resources

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