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Name Source Cost Dependencies Summary
ADVISOR Visual Insights commercial
(contact company for pricing)
components for custom tools ADVIZOR enables companies to add visual query and analysis solutions to their existing decision support infrastructure, and create and deploy interactive visual analysis applications and application templates.
(pronounced sik'-lid)
NLANR/MOAT free, src available standalone tool Designed for rapidly visualizing arbitrary data sets in high-quality 3D, while allowing the viewer to explore and interact with the data sets in real time.
GeoBoy2 NDG Software commercial
(contact company for pricing)
standalone tool A complete Internet connection manager and 3D visualization tool designed for users concerned with monitoring web access, Internet traffic and ISP connectivity options.
Graphviz Stephen North, AT&T Research free, src available components for tool building A set of graph drawing tools for Unix or MS-Windows (win32). Designed for visualizing structural information by constructing geometric representations of abstract graphs and networks.
HP OpenView Network Management Solution HP OpenView commercial
(contact company for pricing)
standalone tools Several tools for network monitoring and simulation, including visualizations of monitored networks and graphical real-time displays of activity.
(Multi Router Traffic Grapher)
Tobias Oetiker free, src available standalone tool A tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. Generates HTML pages containing GIF images which provide a live visual representation of this traffic.
NAM VINT free, src available standalone tool A Tcl/TK based animation tool for viewing network simulation traces and real world packet traces. It supports topology layout, packet level animation, and various data inspection tools. See research using nam.
NetBoy NDG Software commercial
(contact company for pricing)
suite of tools A complete real-time visual Internet and LAN network monitoring suite.
NetMaker Make Systems commercial
(contact company for pricing)
standalone tools NetMaker tools and Network Planning processes are designed to help customers with network planning, traffic analysis, engineering and modeling needs. Customers purchase only the tools and plug-ins that solve their specific needs.
Otter CAIDA free, src available standalone tool A general purpose Java applet that can (theoretically) display any type of networking data, using various layout methods/modules, provided the user defines the dataset and attributes in an Otter-compatible file format.
Pajek Vladimir Batagelj, Andrej Mrvar
University of Ljubljani
free standalone tool A program package, for Windows 95/NT, for analyzing large networks (networks having thousands of vertices). The program is freely available, for noncommercial use.
Plankton CAIDA free, src available standalone tool Plankton offers a visualization of the international cache topology as seen from the perspective of the NLANR root caches.
RRD Tool with frontends Orca and Cricket RRD Tool: Tobias Oetiker
Orca: Blair Zajac
Cricket: Jeff Allen
free, src available standalone with frontends available Round Robin Database (RRD) is a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). To help with organization of data acquisition and presentation, the frontends Orca and Cricket have been developed.
Scotty Juergen Schoenwaelder free, src available framework for custom tools Scotty is a software package which allows users to implement site-specific network management software using high-level, string-based APIs.
Sinefa Sinefa commercial
(see pricing list)
standalone tool Probe (available as a virtual appliance) and cloud based app. "Sinefa software allows you to see all traffic, users and devices on your data network. You can easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications, resulting in increased network performance that boosts productivity and eases user frustration. Its the simplest solution on the market, providing immediate total visibility and control that saves you time."
Tom Sawyer Toolkits Tom Sawyer Software commercial
(contact company for pricing)
components for custom tools Customizable graph layout and diagramming toolkits for integration into other applications. A number of graph layout algorithms and graph editing tools are available.
VisualRoute Datametrics Systems Corporation commercial, $29 standalone tool a visual integrated ping, whois, and traceroute program that displays the results on a world map, with additional textual information to help analyze connectivity problems.
WhatRoute Bryan Christianson (IHUG) free standalone tool A Macintosh, Open Transport implementation of traceroute, ping, DNS Query, Finger and Whois.
Viznet NLANR/DAST free, src available standalone tool A Java application to visualize network bandwidth performance over time.
Xtraceroute Bjorn Augustsson, NDG Software free, src available standalone tool
(requires graphics toolkits)
A graphical version of traceroute, displayed on a rotating globe as a series of yellow lines between 'sites', shown as small balls of different colors.

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